Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mitered Shawl Started


Not sure how much uarm this will take. I have 2 skiens of this Zebra print but can always buy more. There are several Mitered squares or patterns available. I just found this one from my Needles to Hook book and decided to try it as a shawl. Several Crocheters on Crochetville were asking where to find a crochet version of a knitted one. This was the closest pattern stitch we could find (so far). I like it. Found the book with the square and so I’m trying it out as a shawl, just adjusting as I go.

Full view of what I'm doing:

Then what i'm going to do is another corcher square, then the center (between the two above the bottom), then the last corner. I'll do that for all rows, corner square, center, corner.


To make it easier to explain what I'm doing.
First square is the bottom square, finished.
Second square is the one on the left, finished.
Third square is unfinished.

I'm not fasting off as I work this. I'm just doing a sc down the edge of the square, then a chain to work the other edge. For the second square I worked from the top point of square 1, down the edge of the first square, chained a length, then worked the square. For the third square, I worked from the top point of square 2, down, then down square 1, chained and started the square.

All other "rows" will be done from the edge square, center square(s), edge square.

Using a size J hook.
All done in SC with a sc-dec in the center.

Sea Shell/Tea Wrap

Just finished. Took a while as I have other WIPs going on at the moment too. This works up easily and is an easy pattern, but after a while, takes time. The row 6 makes a very scalloped edging.

Modifications: Smaller hook (I crochet loose). Used the beginning Ch 3 as part of the shell or half shell to match the end of the row (no extra stitch this way). Did not work last repreat except first row to create a shell boarder on bottom. Single crochet across top.
Pattern: Tea Wrap / Sea Shell Wrap by Lion Brand
Yarn: 1 skien, Red Heart Super Saver Worsted Weight in Soft Navy
Hook: Size K

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fingerless Gloves in Cotton

I didn't think I would make another pair of fingerless gloves. But then I saw these as I was looking for another pattern. From Crochet World October 2005. "hand cream and these soft gloves worn over night will give chapped hands a treat. theyre remminiscent of bygone days".
Works great. I made them last night and tried them last night. Yes they do take a little time, but not that much. I changed the patter a little bit so it wasn't so open on the hand part. And I changed the cuff part with less chains. Used a Size G hook.


Hat for charity

At lady in our church offered to teach the teen girls how to crochet. She use to teach Home Economics when she was younger. I went along as I crochet and teach the girls in church. She showed us the hat pattern she makes for charity. Lots of people donate old and extra yarn to her for this and she had a bunch. This was left over from my stash. She showed us a two color hat. I think partly if she didn't have enough yarn for someone and partly because it looks cute. So to see how it would work with a smaller hook and two toned, I did this one. My other one I started that night is still a WIP. We're going back to her house next week to continue with the lesson and for the girls to finish their hats (one all ready frogged and started over because she didn't like it). This lady who taught did an excellent job with the girls.

I used Red Heart Super Saver. Can't remember the color of the pink, the other is Aron color, left over from my sweater.
Size G hook
20 sc across for each row. Then sewed together and tightened at top.

If you've been paying attention to my blog and have a great memory, you will recall I did a hat similar to this in my Hat and Mitten post. That was from a magazine but pretty much the same pattern.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cable Sweater

I made this instead of a wrap/shawl (Wrap With Slits on the Lionbrand website) because I thought it would look nice. I changed the stitches to double crochet on the sides of the cables. I changed the post stitches to TRC for the front, and added back post stitches. I was going to add a boarder, but then decided not to (partly because I didn't have enough yarn and partly because I like it).

Yarn: Red Heart SS, color: Aaron
Hook: Size I
Pattern: So pretty much I just winged it.


[clickable for larger photos]