Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mitered Shawl Started


Not sure how much uarm this will take. I have 2 skiens of this Zebra print but can always buy more. There are several Mitered squares or patterns available. I just found this one from my Needles to Hook book and decided to try it as a shawl. Several Crocheters on Crochetville were asking where to find a crochet version of a knitted one. This was the closest pattern stitch we could find (so far). I like it. Found the book with the square and so I’m trying it out as a shawl, just adjusting as I go.

Full view of what I'm doing:

Then what i'm going to do is another corcher square, then the center (between the two above the bottom), then the last corner. I'll do that for all rows, corner square, center, corner.


To make it easier to explain what I'm doing.
First square is the bottom square, finished.
Second square is the one on the left, finished.
Third square is unfinished.

I'm not fasting off as I work this. I'm just doing a sc down the edge of the square, then a chain to work the other edge. For the second square I worked from the top point of square 1, down the edge of the first square, chained a length, then worked the square. For the third square, I worked from the top point of square 2, down, then down square 1, chained and started the square.

All other "rows" will be done from the edge square, center square(s), edge square.

Using a size J hook.
All done in SC with a sc-dec in the center.


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