Thursday, February 4, 2010

Charity Hats

Here are some more charity hats I made. We did these with the teens in our church. Some have taken to crochet and others are like "ah, I'm here" and others probably won't pick up a hook again. But at least they were exposed to it and who knows. Some have crocheted before. We did these last month and continued this month to help them finish. A few took out their hats and started over again. We're thinking of doing a drawing or something for those who finish, so they do finish and then donate the hats. One girl got creative and made her's into a purse. She just folded over the hat, crocheted up the sides, left the top open. Then did a chain and row of single crochet for the strap. She's now making one for her mom who said she wanted one.

I didn't get a photo of one more because I just finished it, I will try to get a photo of it, but it's just like the green one but wider.

Worsted weight yarn
Size H hook
Pattern: I can't find, but basically just a sc in back loops until large enough to fit around the head. The blue was the one based on the copy we recieved, but seemed large so I made that pink and aron one but that was small. Then I did the others. My other green one (no photo) is larger, like the blue.


[clickable for larger photo]

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SMJ said...

I'm always impressed by your I left you a sunshine award that you can pick up on my blog...keep up the beautiful work!