Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tea Green Sweater

I saw a cute knit sweater with a waist band. I knew I could do something similar. At first I was going to do a pineapple waist, but decided not to (still might though). Since I had planned on doing shells up the center and on the bottom, I did a shell waist band.

I had all ready bought this yarn. Loved the color. A new color called Tea Green.

Yarn: Red Heart, Worsted Weight, Tea Green
Hook: Size I
Pattern: Made up.

on the chair to show it a different way and the way I increased on the bust area and the hip area (definately need it on the hip area).
A close up of the top center, waist band, bottom. I put a yellow envelope under it to show the detail.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dog USB Stick Cozy

Seeing a real cute cozy on Crochetville, but no link to her blog with info on how to make one, I made my own at lunch. I decided to do a Lab. We have a lab. So it is perfect. And I had that color in the trunk of my car (great storage space for yarn!).

Here's the entire lab with the tail attached to the keychain (the clock on this one fell off so it works perfect as it's a clip).
Here's a close up of the face with the flash stick um, sticking out. Kind of like a tounge?

Here's a close up of the cute face (I thought it was cute anyway):

Here's a side view of the lab. Yes very skinny legs. :)

And here's a photo of our real lab, Genious. That was his name when we got him from the Animal Shelter and we kept it. This photo was taken back in November last year. He's gotten a bit fat since then and was told no more table scraps (I don't give him any, just dog treats and a few... it's others in the house that spoil him more... well... )

I plan on doing a dark brown lab and then just a camoflodge cozy sine I have those colors and 3 flash sticks. I'm going to hook the keychain on my purse FOB and leave it there.
Yarn: Red Heart Worsted Weight
Hook: Size I (all I could find at first)
Pattern: Made up. I chained 3, then worked 3 sc in the second ch from the hook and 3 in the next and worked my way up. Did picots for the ears. Decreased on the sides for the mouth (and to hold the flash stick in). Attached the yarn, did chain and sl sts for the legs (didn't fasten off when doing the front, did both legs at the same time. Then did that with the back legs. Did ch and sc for the tail. I left a loop of 2 sc for the keychain, but a part of the yarn can be hooked into the keychain so I won't do that next time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Orchid Ribbed Vest

I had some left over orchid color from my pullover (done in Februuary of this year), so I made thsi vest. You may remember that the teenage girls in my church were learning to crochet making hats in single crochet in the back loop, so I thought I'd made something besides a hat to show them the versatility of crochet. I did print up some pictures of some other items done in the same stitch, but this way they could see something first hand. I don't know if they noticed or anything on Sunday (I wore it then) but that's fine. I like it.

I was going to do it as a pull over, but then frogged to do a vest (wanted the rib stitches to match up--didn't still). Then thought of doing a bottom edging. Frogged that, it's fine the way it is. Then I was going to do buttons all the way down, but the first ones had a small opening to sew and I didn't have my thread readily available (put away), so I took out my clear ones, thought I had measured correctly but didn't. So I have 2 top buttons for now. I like it and may keep it that way.

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Orchid, 1 skien
Hook: Size I hook
Pattern: Made up, just single crochet in back loops with missed stitches for the neck.

Monday, March 22, 2010

$1,275 purse knock-off

A while back I Found my little black bag "Dole & Gabanna ‘Miss Charles’ Crochet Handbag". I love this. Price: $1,275.00

It was crocheted and just what I was looking for. Except the price. And since I can crochet, I made me one. I didn't do the chain strap because the chain I bought wasn't long enough (in a package). And I didn't have time to adjust a craft jewelry chain, and couldn't find another one so I just crocheted one.

I used Red Heart WW Super saver.
Size I hook.
Found a pin a few weeks ago for another purse (never made) for $2 on clearance and used that. Worked great, keeps the flap down.

A side view to show the puff stitches and slightly lighted photo:
Lining and stuffed with my stuff (yes it matches my wallet):

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green & White Short Sleeve Sweater

I started this using a pattern stitch from another pattern. It was from Doris Chan's Twilight Cardigan in Interweave Crochet, Winter 2009. I loved the stitch look. And it is so simple to do.

I thought it was long enough (didn't measure) and worked on the front shoulder area. I think I may have started the back but sometime realized it was short. It had been a stressful week, I was messing up on the stitch (which really is easy, but with stress I forgot when to skip stitches)so I wasn't surprised it was too short. I thought maybe a long ribbing would work. Looked at several patterns in magazines and online and decided not to frog. I also decided to do a short sleeve sweater, and decided on the ribbing patterns for the extention to the drop sleeves.

After taking several weeks to weave in ends (I hate that part), I finished it last night so I could wear it today.

I used Red Heart Super Saver in a green (can't remember exact color) and white. Size H hook.

Side view to show the ribbing and the shoulders, which are just sc and dc, whipped stitched together.

Front view. The back neck is low, but one color higher, so it ends on the white.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Green Purse

I wanted a spring purse. I found this green and thought it would be cute. I couldn't figure out a pattern, so I did sc on the bottom and hdc around the center. Decided to add a ruffle, and decided 3 rounds would be enough. Had to add a cell phone holder and key fob because those are the two most important things to find and if I don't have a place for them I can't find them. I used sc on two rounds on the bottom and hdc on the body and then dc and chain stitches (shell) for the ruffle.

Yarn: Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn with a white cotton fabric for lining

Hook: Size H

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Colors of a sweater I'm making. Need to frog because I messed up on counting but that's fine.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crochet tip. Draw a ruler

Crochet tip. Draw a ruler on the back of magazines to keep guage or just to measure.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Graceful Lacy Cardigan

I finished this this morning. The botton looks low on the this because I pulled it down a bit before the photo (opps) but I like it. So I'm thinking I'm going to changed the button position. I just choose a simple clear button.

Just so you know, I choose the yarn, thought, "hmm, I wonder if there's any skirts". I have to wear them for work. Found this one that matched. Had the top all ready that I found on clearance for $5. So the yarn at $2.23 x 3 (well I didn't even finish the 3rd skien, just a bit), and the $14 skirt... $25 outfit. Not bad I think. Jewelry I had all ready.

In this photo you can see the edging, I changed to just a single crochet all the way around.
You can also see that it matches my skirt perfectly.

Here's a close up of the cluff on the sleeve (holding the cell phone camera). I choose FPtriple crochet and BPtc because it was eaiser for me.

Graceful Lacy Cardigan by Doris Chan (in Crochet Today Mar/Apr 2010)
Yarn: Red Heart SS WW in Light Raspberry
Hook: Size I

Monday, March 1, 2010

National Crochet Month

How are you going to celebrate?
*crochet in public
*make yourself something
*make something for someone else
*charity crochet
*teach someone to crochet
*learn a new stitch, pattern, technique in crochet
*wear a crochet item out in public
*make a card for other crocheters you know with crochet applique (of course someone mentioned that there is all ready cards... joann's gift card... micheals gift card... ;)
*Maybe go to a cafe where you can sit and crochet.
*A park if it's safe, maybe take your family and you crochet.
*Plan a party were everyone brings something and you crochet while taking with people.

*Crochet a difficult project

*Crochet a large afghan, maybe a bit difficult.

*make at least one Christmas gift (get that crossed off your list)

*find a charity you can crochet for and make items

I have some crochet sweaters to finish and wear in public! I wear them to work all the time. I decided I would wear my shawls to church, it gets cold there. And my sweaters, but mostly my shawls. Just because they're easier to wear there then at work. Most of the time.

So what are you going to do?