Monday, March 22, 2010

$1,275 purse knock-off

A while back I Found my little black bag "Dole & Gabanna ‘Miss Charles’ Crochet Handbag". I love this. Price: $1,275.00

It was crocheted and just what I was looking for. Except the price. And since I can crochet, I made me one. I didn't do the chain strap because the chain I bought wasn't long enough (in a package). And I didn't have time to adjust a craft jewelry chain, and couldn't find another one so I just crocheted one.

I used Red Heart WW Super saver.
Size I hook.
Found a pin a few weeks ago for another purse (never made) for $2 on clearance and used that. Worked great, keeps the flap down.

A side view to show the puff stitches and slightly lighted photo:
Lining and stuffed with my stuff (yes it matches my wallet):


Caroline said...

Absolutely darling! The lining is super fun/ cute. Kudos!

Shana said...

That is really cute! great job!

Bobbi said...

Cute purse! The pin really adds that extra "something".