Monday, March 1, 2010

National Crochet Month

How are you going to celebrate?
*crochet in public
*make yourself something
*make something for someone else
*charity crochet
*teach someone to crochet
*learn a new stitch, pattern, technique in crochet
*wear a crochet item out in public
*make a card for other crocheters you know with crochet applique (of course someone mentioned that there is all ready cards... joann's gift card... micheals gift card... ;)
*Maybe go to a cafe where you can sit and crochet.
*A park if it's safe, maybe take your family and you crochet.
*Plan a party were everyone brings something and you crochet while taking with people.

*Crochet a difficult project

*Crochet a large afghan, maybe a bit difficult.

*make at least one Christmas gift (get that crossed off your list)

*find a charity you can crochet for and make items

I have some crochet sweaters to finish and wear in public! I wear them to work all the time. I decided I would wear my shawls to church, it gets cold there. And my sweaters, but mostly my shawls. Just because they're easier to wear there then at work. Most of the time.

So what are you going to do?

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