Friday, April 30, 2010

Watch Band

Because I’ve had this watch face forever and couldn’t find brown beads I like and I was wearing the vest to match and sewed it to overlap… I made the watch band for now. I can easily remove it.

Just used the ‘F’ hook to go into the face openings on the side, size ‘I’ hook for the band, size ‘F’ hook for the last to connect (not in photo). If I was sure I was keeping it, I would have done from the bands to the center and sew on the back side.

Used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. The Yarn stretches more then I thought it would. I made it tight to begin with and its loose.

Tell me what you think... I'm not sure...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a quick Hello

I haven't been updating much because I've been working on WIPs. Yes that's plural. Here are a few I'm taking pictures of for Ravelry.

First. It's a Scarlette Evening Shawl (link to pattern) but I'm doing mine in shades of blue. This one seems to take forever!

This is a Drop Tunic (link to pattern). I'm doing it in baby wieght yarn. It's a light blue yarn. TLC.

Here's a cardigna I started, similar to the pink one I posted in the previous post. Yep the Luna Lovegood cardi (link to pattern). I am further then this, but this is where I was at when I took a pic.

And a shawl. This is from a stitch book. “Beginner’s Guide, Crochet Sttiches & Easy Projects--19 Sttiches”. It's the spideweb one. I have to frog back to where this picture is because I missed a stich on the row above. I was trying to finish. There is an error on this pattern, I think. Row 12 shouldn't even be there. There's one complete mesh before the spiderweb and should be after. Row 12 doesn't even make sense. So I'm skipping it.

I also have a brown Luna Lovegood cardi in progress, no pic. It was a dark brown and I wanted a spring one, so I finished the pink one.

I also have that shades of purple cardigan somewhere...
And probably a pair of socks somewhere...
A gray cardigan (long and long sleeve, maybe adding a tie belt)...
And I'm sure something else...
I guess it's time for a WIP Week. To finish all these wips. Or as much as I can.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pink Cardi

I was working on Luna Lovegood's Cardigan in blue and it's taking a little longer because the yarn is thinner and since it was dollar store yarn, I'm going to have to wash it. So to wear something quicker, I made this one.

I used one skien of Red Heart, yes one skein. Which means I didn't do the sleeve edging like the pattern calls for. But I wanted that. I wanted a summer cardi, or spring cardi since this is so thick of a yarn.

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver, Worsted Weight, Pink (sorry can't remember the exact color name).
Hook: Size I
Pattern Luna Lovegood's Cardigan

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Buff Cardigan

Just making it up as I went along. Started from the bottom up to arm holes, miscounted the number of stitches had to frog. Can’t remember when I started, some time in March.

Not my favorite. I didn’t decrease for the front collar and it bunched up. So I added the collar to it to help it fold over. Plus that added more to the bottom, which I wanted. Kind of does fold over. Keeps my neck warm. I sewed the bottom since it turned over anyway, but didn’t create the best pockets (however, it does hold my cell phone). I added more to the cuffs to make the sleeves longer.

So this is a house sweater to wear when it gets cold. My second one I’m working on has a decrease on the front collar and is longer in the body. But I need more yarn for the sleeves, I think.

Yarn: Red Heart Worsted Weight in Buff, 3 skiens
Hook: Size I
Pattern: none, just made up.