Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a quick Hello

I haven't been updating much because I've been working on WIPs. Yes that's plural. Here are a few I'm taking pictures of for Ravelry.

First. It's a Scarlette Evening Shawl (link to pattern) but I'm doing mine in shades of blue. This one seems to take forever!

This is a Drop Tunic (link to pattern). I'm doing it in baby wieght yarn. It's a light blue yarn. TLC.

Here's a cardigna I started, similar to the pink one I posted in the previous post. Yep the Luna Lovegood cardi (link to pattern). I am further then this, but this is where I was at when I took a pic.

And a shawl. This is from a stitch book. “Beginner’s Guide, Crochet Sttiches & Easy Projects--19 Sttiches”. It's the spideweb one. I have to frog back to where this picture is because I missed a stich on the row above. I was trying to finish. There is an error on this pattern, I think. Row 12 shouldn't even be there. There's one complete mesh before the spiderweb and should be after. Row 12 doesn't even make sense. So I'm skipping it.

I also have a brown Luna Lovegood cardi in progress, no pic. It was a dark brown and I wanted a spring one, so I finished the pink one.

I also have that shades of purple cardigan somewhere...
And probably a pair of socks somewhere...
A gray cardigan (long and long sleeve, maybe adding a tie belt)...
And I'm sure something else...
I guess it's time for a WIP Week. To finish all these wips. Or as much as I can.

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