Friday, June 18, 2010

Back Scrubber Pattern


Decided I wnated a new back scrubber.

Pattern (bascially what I did):

Made in Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn (any yarn would work, I wanted it to "scrub").
Size I hook
Ch 12, join.
Work 14 sc in loop. turn.
Ch 1, working in back loops, sc in 14 sc. Turn
Rep last row to desired size.
Next row: Ch 1, 2sc tog, sc in ea sc to last 2, work 2 sc tog. Do not turn
Chain 8, join with first sc, turn.
Ch 1, work 10 sc in loop.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Cell Phone Over the Shoulder Holder


I was trying out a stitch, but now think I messed up. However, I like this cell phone holder.
I will add a button to keep it closed.
I opened it up for the photo, so hopefully it could be seen better.

Made with Red Heart Yarn, I think in Buff, size I hook.