Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lining a Purse

LadyRebel asked me how to do this in my comments, here was my reply

I learned from Crochetville or other websites.

*I just lay the purse flat.*Double the lining fabric with a fold (bottom of purse).

*Draw around to cut out or just cut out the fabric around the purse.

*Sew about where the purse would go on the sides (bottom if I coldn't get the fold there). I just use a straight stitch

*Place the lining in the purse

*Fold down the top with the edging on the inside.

*I sew the fabric to the second row from the top, kind of wipstitching it, through a stitch, not in the yarn (if I can help it).

I always double my thread for extra durability. Hope this helps.

A couple photos:
[all clickable for larger photos)



Here's one I did an extra stitch to reinforce it
crochet pures


Yarnjeannie said...

Debbi, I checked out the additional photos you have of the black and white purse - what a beauty it is! Nice work. I've made a purse or two but never went the extra step to line it. Thanks for the instructions - you made it sound easy!

Debbi-a1 said...

I'm glad I made it easy. Wasn't sure if I did. I wish I had more photos, but my sewing is so bad I don't photograph it.