Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Purse--Yes a New One

Very easy square. I wanted a new purse. I decided to use this square as the basis for it.

Your First Afghan by Katherine Eng from Crochet Today! Sept/Oct 2010 issue.

I made 2 squares and then a sides using the same pattern stitch (starting in a point and working to the width I wanted). Then a strap. Cell phone holder is the same pattern stitch but done in rounds. It made it spiral. I sewed a key ring for my keys. Need easy access to my cell phone and keys.

I lined it with cotton fabric.

It’s an off white. My photos were getting a reflection from the cell phone I guess… so that’s the pink tint you see.

[clickbale photos]

Cell phone holder, key ring for key chain, lining:

Side of purse


RusticOkie said...

Don't you just love needing something and being able to just whip it up? Great purse. :)

Lady Rebel said...

That's beautiful. How do you sew the lining into the purse?

Debbi-a1 said...

LadyRebel, I learned from Crochetville or other websites.
*I just lay the purse flat.
*Double the lining fabric with a fold (bottom of purse).
*Draw around to cut out or just cut out the fabric around the purse.
*Sew about where the purse would go on the sides (bottom if I coldn't get the fold there). I just use a straight stitch
*Place the lining in the purse
*Fold down the top with the edging on the inside.
*I sew the fabric to the second row from the top, kind of wipstitching it, through a stitch, not in the yarn (if I can help it).

I always double my thread for extra durability. Hope this helps.