Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Made this shawl this weekend (Had 4 days to do nothing---well I did some cleaning and organizing, that's how I found the cable pattern for my cell phone on the last post). I had another pattern that had the Triple Crochet Puff Stitches but didn't like that shawl so I frogged then started this one and just made it up as I went along. I used the Treble Crochet Puff Stitch on it, but totally different pattern. It ended up being a 2 pattern repeat (love that).
Used some baby yarn I had, I think Bernat. Size H hook.


Here's the edging and bottom. I used the same edging I do on most of the dolies I make up.


Okay this coloring of the photo I took is really bad, but shows the corner and top boarder.


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Yarnjeannie said...

This is so very pretty! I love it!