Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gray Short Sleeve Sweater

Started this sweater based on a sweater in the Harry Potter movie Dealthy Hallows. Source HERE.

I couldn't figure out the long sleees. I searched other patterns but most didn't decrease or even have vertical sleeves (confused by that).
So I made short sleeves.

Since I wasn't following a pattern, it ended up shorter then I really wanted, but I like it. P lust he neckline was shorter then the one in the photo from the DH movie, which I was okay with.

I did the ribbing as I worked the body and sleeves. I did the neck ribbing following a pattern ideas of working it into a row of sc on the neck area (no sewing later).

The full sweater pic is the true color. I took a picture of the sleeve because I was very proud of myself in making one like this.


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Yarnjeannie said...

Nice work! With no pattern, I'm very impressed!