Friday, October 29, 2010

Buff & Blue Cardigan

I saw a knitted cardigan with a vertical stripe bottom. I decided to do that with crochet. So I made this up.
Red Heart Super Saver Wrosted Weight Yarn in Buff and a blue color.
Size I hook
I just used Half Double Crochet throughout.

I can't decide if I want to make the sleeves longer. I'm wearing it today and will decide later.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Deep V-Neck Frosty Green Cardigan

I messed up on the sleeves so it pulls down the shoudlers a bit. So I made it a Deep V Neck cardigan. I like the look. It's different then what I have or have done.

Red Heart SS WW yarn in Frosty Green.

Size I hook.

Pattern: Just made up as I went along. All double crochet, except the edging.

Lavendar Jacket

Using a different yarn and hook then the pattern called for. I'm not doing the decreases on the lower part or the increases in the bodies. Seemed like a lot of extra work that I really couldn't see in the picture if it mattered or not. So I changed yarns and hook too.

I just like the pattern stitch used on this.

I wanted the sleeves a little longer, but they ended up a tad short. I like them though.

I added a sc edging because the top neck was a little toos quare. And for the buttons.

Very nice and warm.

I used REd Heart super save WW yarn in Lavnedar.
Size I hook
Pattern: Sage Jacket from Interweave Crochet magazine, Fall 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hexagon Sweater



This is a 6 pointed hexagon, fold and you have half a sweater. Make 2, sew together and you have a complete sweater. Yes that easy. And it's even easier done in the granny square stitch, like I did here. I'm tempted to try it in a more advanced stitch, but I have other projects to work on. And want to work on.

Very quick and easy. I made mine in 2 days. Perfect for a beginner, either in crochet or crochet sweaters!

I used my scarp yarn. Red Heart Super saver. A dark blue, medium blue and turqouise. Size K hook. I added some cheap buttons because it needed them. Wore this on Friday and loved it.

Another pattern that's easy to follow, it's for a baby, but just keep going for an adult, with a great boarder (I would have done it if I had enough yarn)

Cowl, Beret, Fingerless Mits

On all these projects I used Bernet Softee Chuky (got on clearance), except the button on the cowl, which I used Red Heart Super Saver. They're all a gray color.
Size K hook.

Cowl. I made a cowl for the cold mornings I have to scrape off my icy windows. I have short hair. I used a simpe hdc. SC around the edging.

Beginner's Beret was from the Crochet Today Sept/Oct 2010 issue. It used the same stitch as the cowl (I made the cowl first). I changed some as the last few rounds didn't fit my head, so I decreased more until it fits (it's a little lose but fine).

Fingerless Mits. Since I use cheap knit gloves, I needed extra warmth on my wrists and hands, so I quickly made these. They're just hdc with skipped spaces for the thumb area.