Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gray, Black and White Round Yoke Cardi

I can't believe I never posted this here.  I put in Ravelry though... I was searching for my 2011 sweaters I made.  Only 7 so far and this one I finished in January so it counts (I'm part of a group there that does sweaters and any finished count for that year).  I was adding "labels" and the word "sweater" and searched and couldn't find it.  Hopefully I didn't add it or rename it something else...

Had a skien of the zebra print, decided to do it as a yoke to a cardigan.
Decided to try to make up a round neck cardi. After all the square ones (the Luna Lovegood cardis) I decided I could do it.
Added a picot edging (glad I was watching a movie when I was doing the outside part).
Worked top down, no seams. Turned on sleeves.
Worked in Half Double Crochet.

October 2010
January 3 2011
Needles & yarn:
5.5 mm (I)
1 skeins = 135.0 yards (123.4m)
zebra print
3 skeins = 1092.0 yards (998.5m)


Honey Dew Cardigan

Started: Feb 11, 2011
Finished: December 25, 2011

Since my budget won’t allow for the yarn called for (although I love to touch it in the store), I’m changing yarns. I bought the yarn and then the magazine, so it worked out perfectly.
Finished the front and back. I didn’t overlap the front. I changed the neckline too.

I sewed the fronts and back together and trying to get the edging to work. I want to make the edging before the sleeves so I can see how long it is, minus one row, so I can make the correct length of sleeves.
I love the cross stitch pattern on this. Very open and loose.
The edging in the photo isn’t “blocked” I just took a quick pic. But you get the idea. I love this pattern.
Finished the sleeves, now sewing them in place. I think the lace pattern may be a little long, so before I sew it completely, I’ll decide whether to take off a row or two of the lace edging.

ETA: I’m on the sewing the sleeves to the body part and just don’t have the motivation to do it. Plus it’s not htat cold right now… so… it’s a WIP. Maybe after my Chamomile Caridgan in Lavendar is done I’ll finish this as well as a few other things…

YEAH! I finially finished it!!
I ended up overlaping the front a bit because that’s just the way it went and I like it. The buttons are temporary (maybe). Just some I had in my button stash.

Pattern: Four-Button Jacket by Mary Jane Hall, Crochet! magazine March 2011
Hook: I
Yarn: Red Heart, color: Honey Dew

Close up:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Found Doily -- Circle of Shells

I found this doily while going throught some old Christmas stuff. I think it was for my grandma then she got alzheimers and went into a care center.  I'm keeping now.
Its done with size 10 thread.
25 inches in diameter.
The last round is slightly ruffle
Pattern: Crochet Fantasy July 1998 Number 124 "Circle of Shells"


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Colors Crocheted Scarf

Found one lonely skien of christmas color yarn. Made a scarf.

Size I hook
"'Mistletoe" color Red Heart yarn
Just DC.

Christmas Tree

Taken during the day for good lighting.

The tree is fiber optics and I couldn't decide if to decorates it or not. I put the little angel on it at least. I crocheted the edging on the dress.

Added evening photo.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yarn covered ornament

Had this from last year and quickly crocheted a cover for it. Satrted/from the top and did V-st in the center.

Worsted weight yarn
Size H hook

Sunday, December 11, 2011

2 Snowflakes, 1 Star

A coworker wanted 2 snowflakes for 2 ladies who are struggling right now, so I agreed to make them.  I wanted to do one more and  somewhere I made a star... she can have the star for herself.

Size 3 thread
Size E hook
Just made up

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Purse Straps

I went through 3 purses beacause I like my keys on the metal loop to find easily. Each strap on them started to tear. So since I couldn't find one I like, and I really like this one, I made new straps.

I sewed a ribbon (matches print) to the inside of the straps to make it sturdy.

I just bought 2 fat quarter squares and used a little over one.  The ribbon was 1 1/2 inches wide, the straps are one a bit wider.  They ended longer then I thought, haven't had this long of straps in a long time and I like them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Old crochet collar

Cleaning I found this top. Its been ages since I wore it. And actually its so old its too big. It was one I wore before I lost a lot of weight years ago. I'm thinking what I can do to fix it to make it fit. Maybe some darts.. or a thread belt to match. Since I'm not good at sewing yet, I'll make a belt (one day).

I'm sure this idea came from a pattern, back then I did follow more patterns more closely.

The button matches the buttons on the 3/4 sleeve edges, there were a few on the shoulder if I remember correctly.

Its done in thread.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thread crochet Christmas bell

Adapted from the magazine Crochet Celebrations 1991.
I used size 3 thread instead of 10. Red Heart brand.
I used a size E hook instead of 9.
Curling ribbon and a bell added to it.

12 days of Christmas calendar crocheted

Adapted a pillow pattern to make this. From the 1991 magazine Crochet Celebrations.

Christmas colors dishcloth

Made these two using Peaches & Cream cotton worsted weight yarn. Size I hook.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Small thread catcher

On the right is a small crocheted thread catcher for my sewing ends. It matches the pin cushion!

Christmas Yarn Bell

Just to try it out in Worsted Weight Yarn. Made up as I went along.

Christmas Garland

Quickly made some red worsted weight garland.

I just did Puff Stitches. 
Ch 3, PS in 3rd ch from hook, rep to end.

Premie Hats

These were in a bag with others unfinished so I'm sure I haven't posted them. Now there in a bag to go to charity. Still need to finish the other ones.

I put a 3x5 notebook by them to show the size.

Sorry my camera turns it, used another app to set it right.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two crocheted dishclothes

I crocheted these a long time ago and finally weaved in ends.
I never count items as done until I weave in ends and I usually don't post on here until then.

These were obviously made with worsted weight cotton yarn.

Two doilies

I finally weaved in the ends and blocked these doilies.

I made them so long ago and I don't remember with what or which pattern. It feels like size 3 thread.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black paisley skirt -- Sew

I started this a week ago and messed up, so I put it to the side to try and correct. I thought about it for a while and decided to unpick and cut. I only had a little left to sew.

The full picture wasn't that good as I only had indoor light, so I took a close up of the print.

Basic black skirt -- Sewing

I needed a new basic black skirt and made this one.

Just side seams, hem, elastic waist. No shaping. Its vey thin material. I went to walmart and this was all they had for black. Probably because of Halloween customes, the better fabric was sold out.

This is vey comfortable, I'm wearing it while I'm blogging, as I just finished it.

For winter I can wear leggings under it, for summer its thin enough to be comfortable.

I'm thinking of going to Joanns to find thicker black material and do a more shaped skirt.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Snowflakes Throw

And the back:

Changing so I don’t have to fasten off. So I’ll have 2 less ends for each large motif.
So basically here’s my version:
Round 2: do not fasten off, work last ch 7 as a ch-3, trc in first sc. Leave loop to be picked up later.
Round 4: Do not fasten off, leave loop.
Round 5: pick up loop, ch 1, sl st in loops as pattern indicates, work remaining round. Fasten off
Round 6: pick up loop, ch 1, sl st through loop and in sp directly behind joining, ch 4 (counts as first trc) and work pattern as indiated.
I also changed Round 6 and worked in the black loop, and back bar (directly below the back loop) with a sc. I wanted a stronger stitch, but liked the look of working in the back loop. This way I’m working in 2 loops to keep it strong.

Pattern: http://t.co/zGyhHrdT

I'm using a size G hook because I crochet loose.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cotton can cozy

I forgot to post this 5 days ago. Only had time to put it on my Google+ account.
It was a cool morning and my Diet Coke was even colder. So I quickly crocheted a can cozy. Used cotton Worsted weight yarn. Worked in rounds. In SC.
Sorry phone posts it sideways.

sorry taken with my cell phone and it turned the photo!

Old striped crocheted Afghan

Found this afghan way under a bed. Washed a dried. Wide and long. All SC so very warm. I'm loving it.
I crocheted it years ago.

I made it very basic.  All SC, as I stated above.
No weaving in of ends, used it as fringe. 
Work from one side, leaving a long end. So I had the right side facing me each time I added a row.
Worked long rows, so it was long. If you want the fringe on the width, work short rows. I can't remember what I initially chained, but it is long.

  • 4 rows black
  • 5 rows different colors

I did find out that a light color next to the black is better, so after a while I tried to do that intentionally, but other then that, whatever color I found.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Center of Quilt Top

I finished the top of my quilt.  Well the center part. I still need material for the boarder. There are two boarders on this. One is 1 1/2 inches the other is 6 1/2 inches. This will be a throw size, approximately 56 inches.

Pattern from a mystery quilt group in the Stitchtalk website.

I have enough material for a different quilt. Blocks will have the variety of color and brown, then 2 boarders around those blocks. I have other fabric so there will be more color and variety in the blocks with the brown squares.

Cardi started

Started this crocheted cardi this week.  It says Summer but its a thick WW yarn so it will be a fall and spring cardi.
Its from a Crochet Today magazine, July/August issue.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cropped Cardi - Sewing & a bit of Crochet

Had some left over fabric from my last top and I thought a cardi would be good,

I used "Sewing In a Straight Line" by Brett Bara book as a guide. It really helped since I had almost no idea what to do. I'd like to make more.

Since it was so short I thought of doing a button or something, then decided I haven't done a button hole, decided to do it this way.  I just made up the crochet part I used a size D hook and a size 3 thread.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tunic Sewed

I was trying out a tunic. I used various ideas from various web sites. This was inexpensive material to try it out.

I cut it too short, so I added some white to the bottom.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mocha Swirls Dishcloth - Crocheted

Made this a few weeks ago, but didn't weave in ends. Since I was washing towels, etc., I finished the 2 ends and threw it in the wash.
The cone of cotton calls it Mocha Swirls.
Used a size H hook.
Pattern was my fall back, one row of SC, one row of DC, then repeat until square, last row SC. Then SC around entire piece.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shirt With Set In Sleeves - Sewing

First shirt with sleeves

I made this shirt over the weekend.  It was from a 97cent pattern Walmart has been carrying (Simplicity).  Can't remember the number right now (at work right now).  This was suppose to be a dress with a tie, but I don't look good in dresses and need more shirt patterns.

I am happy with this.  I learned how to do:
*set in sleeves
*interfacing (on the inside of the neck area)

I used some inexpensive material to try it out.  It wasn't a perfect pattern (few are).  I had to change the cutting on the neck for the inside material and interfacing.

Yes it's big on me.  I measured myself.  Measured the pattern piece.  Don't know what  happened.  And the darts are too low.  I have a book which can has suggestions on raising darts.  It's a book that helped me with the sleeves.  It's the The Complete Photo Guide to SewingIs great for those wanting to do wardrobe items, over 100 pages of tips and techniques.  With several more on pattern and materials.

I ended up liking how the collar was folded down.  It's suppose to go up with just a long slit as the opening.  But I tried it on and liked how it folded down.  So I ironed it that way when I was done. 

This was suppose to have a zipper in back and I think a button and a long front opening.  It fits fine with a shorter neck opening, no need for the zipper and button (which I didn't intend to do at all).

Did you see the mistake?  If not, great!

If so, it's that I cut the sleeves on the pattern material to go sideways instead of down.  I realized that after I finished cutting everything and it was too late.  But it's okay.  It was my practice piece.
Oh, there are a few other mistakes, hard to see in photos, but I knew I wouldn't do great and it was such a stress reliever!  I didn't have to worry as I sewed.

This is an at-home shirt, also a just stop at the store shirt (if I'm at home and need to go shopping... like for yarn or fabric... or ice cream).

ETA:  Found the pattern at Simplicity, they are selling them for $1.99.  still a good deal for one pattern (but check your walmart or other stores to save a buck).
2025 Sew Simple Misses' Dress

Monday, August 8, 2011

2 Snowflakes Crocheted

2 more snowflakes to add to my snowflake collection.
Size 3 thread.
Size G hook
Just made up the snowflakes.

I just added labels to my other snowflakes done 2 years ago.  So click on the label below to see more if you'd like to see the others I have in my collection. I could only see the size 10 thread snowflakes in the box I have for them. There may be other size 3 ones that I put somewhere else and they're not in that box.  Possible.  Some could even be with my Christmas tree as I couldn't find the box this year to put them up :( .  But I have it in a good place now.  So this Christmas I will have a snowflake theme.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Facial scrubby - crochet

I keep seeing these in the store and thought "I can make those, so I'm not buying them." Finally I made one.

Its not very scrubby. Just 100% WW cotton yarn and a size J hook.

I just did a circle and every now and then a Long Single Crochet stitch.

Knooking -- Crocheting

Any one try this? I just tried it. I think my stitches are too loose (as usual). But it might not be too bad.

This was a kit I got at Walmart.  Yes Walmart.  The yarn wasn't part of it.:)

This is a Knit stitch.

Tips? Thought?

Zipper Small Bag - Sewing

I made this a while ago (around May 23, 2011) and realized it wasn't on my blog.  Sorry about that.  this was my first zipper project.  I used this Valentine Bag Photo Tutorial, but didn't do the applique on the outside nor the fleece lining.