Monday, February 28, 2011

National crochet month starts tomorrow

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Hey crochet lovers National Crochet Month starts tomorrow!"


February potholder

I wanted to make a potholder a month but just hadn't yet. I have a blank wall above my kitchen sink and thought they would be cute there. I still have january's to make.
I just made up the heart. The potholder is 2 sides sewn tog, done in 1 row of Sc 1 row of HDC,SC edging.

Bright color dishcloth

I found some bright color cotton yarn and made this. I used one of the squares from the 99 granny Square booklet but it didn't end up very square (sorry can't remember which square, the one with Puff Stitches). I added aSC. Edging all the way around. Used a H hook.

Project bag

I made this for my cotton yarn. I used 2 strands of WW yarn and a size J hook. Just a basic round pattern increase until the side. Top edging is SC.
You can see the start of my febraury potholder in there.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Crochet pineapple tablecloth

I made this YEARS ago. Neve bought a table for it. Now in my new apartment I have a dinning room table and it fits it perfectly.
Sorry if the pic is turned. Its from my droid cell phone unedited.

From my cell phone post

just trying the app from my droid cell phone. the pic is the corner of my desk. nope havent finished my diet Coke.

Will Update Soon

I haven't updated because I've been using Ravelry for my "blog".  But now there's an App on my cell phone that is suppose to work for this.  So I will try it out and hopefully that will help me update.  There was another app, but I didn't even look for one for blogger.  I've finally been able to attach my gmail account to this blogger and hopfully it will work.