Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gray Skirt -- Sewed

Made another skirt. I had a grey one that I loved and wore out. I started a gray and pink sweater but its become a UFO because the skirt wore out. So I needed another one. This was just to try it out as a full skirt.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flowered Skirt -- Sewed

This was more material that came with the last skirt I made. Not sure if I like the print, but not horrible.  Cotton fabric.  Straight stitch.

Teal & Tan Skirt -- Sewed

I have to weear skirts to work and they're hard to find now, so I decided to start sewing them. Hers the first one I made. Just a straight stitch and a little hand sewing on the elastic opeing and to of the slit. I used cotton fabric.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Had 3 granny squares in my stash, wondered if I could do something with them and some other stash yarn.
Took 2 granny squares, put them together for the sleeves and back. Added a “circle” around them for the front, collar, and back. Frogged another granny for the edging.
Tight, small, and form fitting. I think a baggy shirt under would make it look nice. And a nice looking necklace.
Red Heart Yarns, I'm sure.

Pink Top with Camo Round Collar

I started the bottom, working in rounds, without turning.
Came to the top and didn’t know what to do.
Saw a knitted sweater with a similar collar and made my own. I just did a long strip in SC and sewed it on. Added a bottom edging because it needed length. Since I sewed on the collar, I crocheted the edging and attached it at the same time as I was crocheting, so no sewing.
Size J hook for the body, H hook for the collar.
Red Heart yarns.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Crochet Top

I forgot to post this.  I'm checking my photostream at Flickr and found this one.

I finally finished it.  It's been a WIP forever. I can't even remember which magazine I got the pattern out of. I did the tank and never finished that.  Partly because the front and back, which are identical, contain 3 separate pieces, plus the straps.  So that's 8 ends to weave in on each side=total 16 ends.  Then I knew I wouldn't wear a tank.  So I added some little sleeves to it and added to the top and bottom in a light raspberry. 

Storing Crochet Magazines, Hooks and Books

I bought a 3 shelf book case to put my crochet magazines and books in.  I have another 3 shelf book case to put together to add more.  And I didn't even put all my magazines in here when I took this photo (I was tired after putting it together).  I needed a large "end table" for my new couch and this fit perfectly!  Please ignore the ugly scrap yarn afghan on the couch, I use that to keep me warm...

ETA: I think I posted this somewhere, but here is the BIG pencil and crochet hook holder that I have on the top of this bookshelf. 

Yellow Basket

Made this the end of March.
Just a little, tiny basket with a yellow flower.  I used WW yarn.  I used the basket weave stitch (front post double crochet and back post double crochet).

Here's what I finally did with this basket.  Worked perfectly!  Everything in my favorite fragrance set fit.  Wow, how wonderful is that? ;)

Framed Mini Doilies 1-4

I made 4 mini doilies to frame and put on my wall above my fire place.  I plan on making more. 
For these I used size 3 thread and a size F hook.  A white one, yellow one, puprle one, and blue one (in that order below).
These are all modified from other little, mini doilies.

White:  Wanted an oval doily, and white. to add contrast to the others.  This was the last one I made.

Yellow:Used DTRC TOG (double triple crochet together) to form the pedals of this "flower".

Purple: The center part is worked from the center out, sc to dtrc, then worked back again in sc.  This one is the smallest of all the 4 doilies.

Blue: First one I made.