Monday, April 4, 2011

Framed Mini Doilies 1-4

I made 4 mini doilies to frame and put on my wall above my fire place.  I plan on making more. 
For these I used size 3 thread and a size F hook.  A white one, yellow one, puprle one, and blue one (in that order below).
These are all modified from other little, mini doilies.

White:  Wanted an oval doily, and white. to add contrast to the others.  This was the last one I made.

Yellow:Used DTRC TOG (double triple crochet together) to form the pedals of this "flower".

Purple: The center part is worked from the center out, sc to dtrc, then worked back again in sc.  This one is the smallest of all the 4 doilies.

Blue: First one I made.

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