Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skirt with pockets--sewing

I made this skirt yesterday. It was inexpensive fabric from walmart for $1.99 a yard I got 2 yards. Needed a bit more but that's what I got at Joanns in a more expensive fabric.  This pattern seems like one that I would use again and again.   Inexpensive fabric is a good way to try out patterns.   I want pocket in my skirts so I found this pattern at a second hand shop for 50 cents. Never used. Pattern New Look 6560.  I did the elastic waist version. Id like to try the zipper version too.

I learned a lot making this skirt. Meaning I made a bunch of mistakes.

Because I didn't want to cut the print too much I did 2 instead of 4 panels. Would work fine. But because I didn't have enough material it ended up with a big, ugly cut opening in the front and back center. Its an A line skirt. Next one I will do 3 front and back mini darts or cuts.
I put in the pockets the wrong way. But it seems to hve worked out. Ill try the way the pattern says and see which way I like it.  The pockets still go to the front of the skirt, I caught them when sewing up the elastic opening.  I didn't do the waist part, as I didn't have enough fabric. 

Yes that's a crochet vest I made years ago.  I just made it up, using Red Heart Yarn, of course, and a very open stitch.  Wanted a more open vest.

Here's a close up of the fabric (still not the best picture, but you get the idea):


Jemajo said...

When I make mistakes I usually tell myself that at least I've made something!
Pockets already? You really are making good progress!

Yarnjeannie said...

Nice work! And what I can see of the vest looks great too!