Friday, July 22, 2011

Facial scrubby - crochet

I keep seeing these in the store and thought "I can make those, so I'm not buying them." Finally I made one.

Its not very scrubby. Just 100% WW cotton yarn and a size J hook.

I just did a circle and every now and then a Long Single Crochet stitch.

Knooking -- Crocheting

Any one try this? I just tried it. I think my stitches are too loose (as usual). But it might not be too bad.

This was a kit I got at Walmart.  Yes Walmart.  The yarn wasn't part of it.:)

This is a Knit stitch.

Tips? Thought?

Zipper Small Bag - Sewing

I made this a while ago (around May 23, 2011) and realized it wasn't on my blog.  Sorry about that.  this was my first zipper project.  I used this Valentine Bag Photo Tutorial, but didn't do the applique on the outside nor the fleece lining. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crochet Update

I just haven't felt like crocheting.  This past weekend I was off so I thought I'd try an afghan.  The pattern was wrong.  Then I started over and messed up.  That was the most I've done in a while.  I think because I've done almost everyting you can in crocheting.  I did buy a Knoocking set at walmart, but haven't tried it yet.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  Especially those who have read my blog.  Maybe I'm missing something.

Or just let me know what you've made that is fun or you're excited about learning.  A link to your blog or a pattern would be wonderful.  When I read about other people's crocheting it gets me encouraged. 
Even my coworker brought in her hat she's knitting and that made me want to pick up some yarn and hook (she had some really nice yarn from a yarn store).

Sewing Update

I actually finished 3 skirts on Monday, July 18, but haven't posted them yet.  I was off work. Two were very simple, straight with a shot slit, elastic waist, hem.  They were from the 1 yard material I can buy in the craft department at walmart.  It was on clearance for $7 for both yards.  I had thread to match all ready.  $1 for a lot of elastic and I'm good to go.

I finished up another one on Monday that was a wide flowing skirt almost to my ankles. It's a pin strip in gray.  Pockets.  Elastic skirt. 

I'll try to get a post up soon on these.

But then Tuesday came.
It was a frustrating day in sewing.  My machine wasn't sewing correctly. Tried my bobbin, rethreaded the machine, added more thread to the bobbin iself, tried different material.  Finally found it. I had some thread that apparently broke in my tension section of my machine (hidden). Took me forever to find it.  Then my waist section of the skirt didn't work out too well, but since I wear shirts over my skirts and an elastic will gather that, it will be fine.  But then I just couldn't do the hemming foot.  I was doing so well with it on Monday.  So I stopped.  I will take out the hem and try again another day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Black Skirt With White Flowers -- Sew

I started this a while ago.  The July 4th weekend.  I tried to make this skirt and messed up. Decided to add to the b ottom so it wasn't so tight. I thought I saw something ilke this on the web somewhere but couldn't find it after I had started (I wanted to see if I was doing okay) so this is the best I could do.

I used 4 scrap pieces for the filler, sewed them together, pleated them. Then by hand pleated them more. Used my sewing machine to sew them on, I did the very top center by hand. Added a bow at the vey top (covers the mess).

This next picture shows the bottom, but you can't see the "bow" very well because it matches so closely.
It's a very short skirt, right at my knees.  I may wear it once or twice to work, but wait for winter to wear tights with it. 

Simple skirt Green -- sew

Just a simple skirt. Pockets, straight, elastic waist.
Walmart had some nice, simple patterned material. I have 2 other prints in blue to do.  I got less material in this because I knew I wanted to do a simple skirt.  It's 1 1/2 yards. The Blue patterned material I have has 2 yards each.  So I can try other patterns out. 

This next is a close up of the pic, although the above picture is a more true color.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Blue Flwoered Skirt with White Trim -- Sewed

Here's a new skirt I made.  I was going to make this into a dress, but I don't look good in dresses, especially when they're rectangle.  Even with a white sash I sewed this didn't look good on me.  So I cut about an inch below the arms and made this into a skirt.  It looks wrinkled on the white, but it's not, just the way I'm posing.  The white is doubled because as a dress it wouldn't be as long.  When I sewed the slits, on the white I had 6 layers of fabric to go through, so it's time to change my needle in my sewing machine. ;) It's a very thin white, so it worked fine, and it's good to know my machine (Singer Simple 2263) works for that.  If I was doing a larger thick project I would use a different needle, one appropriate for thicker fabric.

I beileve the blue flower is cotton fabric, found at a thrift store.  Feels like cotton and washes and dries fine in the machine.  White is cotton, bought at a store.

Here's a close up of the fabric, it's a bit darker then this, but not much.  I put this as my screen saver on my cell phone.

The full skirt: