Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing Update

I actually finished 3 skirts on Monday, July 18, but haven't posted them yet.  I was off work. Two were very simple, straight with a shot slit, elastic waist, hem.  They were from the 1 yard material I can buy in the craft department at walmart.  It was on clearance for $7 for both yards.  I had thread to match all ready.  $1 for a lot of elastic and I'm good to go.

I finished up another one on Monday that was a wide flowing skirt almost to my ankles. It's a pin strip in gray.  Pockets.  Elastic skirt. 

I'll try to get a post up soon on these.

But then Tuesday came.
It was a frustrating day in sewing.  My machine wasn't sewing correctly. Tried my bobbin, rethreaded the machine, added more thread to the bobbin iself, tried different material.  Finally found it. I had some thread that apparently broke in my tension section of my machine (hidden). Took me forever to find it.  Then my waist section of the skirt didn't work out too well, but since I wear shirts over my skirts and an elastic will gather that, it will be fine.  But then I just couldn't do the hemming foot.  I was doing so well with it on Monday.  So I stopped.  I will take out the hem and try again another day.

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