Friday, July 1, 2011

Blue Flwoered Skirt with White Trim -- Sewed

Here's a new skirt I made.  I was going to make this into a dress, but I don't look good in dresses, especially when they're rectangle.  Even with a white sash I sewed this didn't look good on me.  So I cut about an inch below the arms and made this into a skirt.  It looks wrinkled on the white, but it's not, just the way I'm posing.  The white is doubled because as a dress it wouldn't be as long.  When I sewed the slits, on the white I had 6 layers of fabric to go through, so it's time to change my needle in my sewing machine. ;) It's a very thin white, so it worked fine, and it's good to know my machine (Singer Simple 2263) works for that.  If I was doing a larger thick project I would use a different needle, one appropriate for thicker fabric.

I beileve the blue flower is cotton fabric, found at a thrift store.  Feels like cotton and washes and dries fine in the machine.  White is cotton, bought at a store.

Here's a close up of the fabric, it's a bit darker then this, but not much.  I put this as my screen saver on my cell phone.

The full skirt:

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