Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two crocheted dishclothes

I crocheted these a long time ago and finally weaved in ends.
I never count items as done until I weave in ends and I usually don't post on here until then.

These were obviously made with worsted weight cotton yarn.

Two doilies

I finally weaved in the ends and blocked these doilies.

I made them so long ago and I don't remember with what or which pattern. It feels like size 3 thread.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black paisley skirt -- Sew

I started this a week ago and messed up, so I put it to the side to try and correct. I thought about it for a while and decided to unpick and cut. I only had a little left to sew.

The full picture wasn't that good as I only had indoor light, so I took a close up of the print.

Basic black skirt -- Sewing

I needed a new basic black skirt and made this one.

Just side seams, hem, elastic waist. No shaping. Its vey thin material. I went to walmart and this was all they had for black. Probably because of Halloween customes, the better fabric was sold out.

This is vey comfortable, I'm wearing it while I'm blogging, as I just finished it.

For winter I can wear leggings under it, for summer its thin enough to be comfortable.

I'm thinking of going to Joanns to find thicker black material and do a more shaped skirt.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Snowflakes Throw

And the back:

Changing so I don’t have to fasten off. So I’ll have 2 less ends for each large motif.
So basically here’s my version:
Round 2: do not fasten off, work last ch 7 as a ch-3, trc in first sc. Leave loop to be picked up later.
Round 4: Do not fasten off, leave loop.
Round 5: pick up loop, ch 1, sl st in loops as pattern indicates, work remaining round. Fasten off
Round 6: pick up loop, ch 1, sl st through loop and in sp directly behind joining, ch 4 (counts as first trc) and work pattern as indiated.
I also changed Round 6 and worked in the black loop, and back bar (directly below the back loop) with a sc. I wanted a stronger stitch, but liked the look of working in the back loop. This way I’m working in 2 loops to keep it strong.


I'm using a size G hook because I crochet loose.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cotton can cozy

I forgot to post this 5 days ago. Only had time to put it on my Google+ account.
It was a cool morning and my Diet Coke was even colder. So I quickly crocheted a can cozy. Used cotton Worsted weight yarn. Worked in rounds. In SC.
Sorry phone posts it sideways.

sorry taken with my cell phone and it turned the photo!

Old striped crocheted Afghan

Found this afghan way under a bed. Washed a dried. Wide and long. All SC so very warm. I'm loving it.
I crocheted it years ago.

I made it very basic.  All SC, as I stated above.
No weaving in of ends, used it as fringe. 
Work from one side, leaving a long end. So I had the right side facing me each time I added a row.
Worked long rows, so it was long. If you want the fringe on the width, work short rows. I can't remember what I initially chained, but it is long.

  • 4 rows black
  • 5 rows different colors

I did find out that a light color next to the black is better, so after a while I tried to do that intentionally, but other then that, whatever color I found.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Center of Quilt Top

I finished the top of my quilt.  Well the center part. I still need material for the boarder. There are two boarders on this. One is 1 1/2 inches the other is 6 1/2 inches. This will be a throw size, approximately 56 inches.

Pattern from a mystery quilt group in the Stitchtalk website.

I have enough material for a different quilt. Blocks will have the variety of color and brown, then 2 boarders around those blocks. I have other fabric so there will be more color and variety in the blocks with the brown squares.

Cardi started

Started this crocheted cardi this week.  It says Summer but its a thick WW yarn so it will be a fall and spring cardi.
Its from a Crochet Today magazine, July/August issue.