Monday, October 10, 2011

Old striped crocheted Afghan

Found this afghan way under a bed. Washed a dried. Wide and long. All SC so very warm. I'm loving it.
I crocheted it years ago.

I made it very basic.  All SC, as I stated above.
No weaving in of ends, used it as fringe. 
Work from one side, leaving a long end. So I had the right side facing me each time I added a row.
Worked long rows, so it was long. If you want the fringe on the width, work short rows. I can't remember what I initially chained, but it is long.

  • 4 rows black
  • 5 rows different colors

I did find out that a light color next to the black is better, so after a while I tried to do that intentionally, but other then that, whatever color I found.

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