Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gray, Black and White Round Yoke Cardi

I can't believe I never posted this here.  I put in Ravelry though... I was searching for my 2011 sweaters I made.  Only 7 so far and this one I finished in January so it counts (I'm part of a group there that does sweaters and any finished count for that year).  I was adding "labels" and the word "sweater" and searched and couldn't find it.  Hopefully I didn't add it or rename it something else...

Had a skien of the zebra print, decided to do it as a yoke to a cardigan.
Decided to try to make up a round neck cardi. After all the square ones (the Luna Lovegood cardis) I decided I could do it.
Added a picot edging (glad I was watching a movie when I was doing the outside part).
Worked top down, no seams. Turned on sleeves.
Worked in Half Double Crochet.

October 2010
January 3 2011
Needles & yarn:
5.5 mm (I)
1 skeins = 135.0 yards (123.4m)
zebra print
3 skeins = 1092.0 yards (998.5m)


Honey Dew Cardigan

Started: Feb 11, 2011
Finished: December 25, 2011

Since my budget won’t allow for the yarn called for (although I love to touch it in the store), I’m changing yarns. I bought the yarn and then the magazine, so it worked out perfectly.
Finished the front and back. I didn’t overlap the front. I changed the neckline too.

I sewed the fronts and back together and trying to get the edging to work. I want to make the edging before the sleeves so I can see how long it is, minus one row, so I can make the correct length of sleeves.
I love the cross stitch pattern on this. Very open and loose.
The edging in the photo isn’t “blocked” I just took a quick pic. But you get the idea. I love this pattern.
Finished the sleeves, now sewing them in place. I think the lace pattern may be a little long, so before I sew it completely, I’ll decide whether to take off a row or two of the lace edging.

ETA: I’m on the sewing the sleeves to the body part and just don’t have the motivation to do it. Plus it’s not htat cold right now… so… it’s a WIP. Maybe after my Chamomile Caridgan in Lavendar is done I’ll finish this as well as a few other things…

YEAH! I finially finished it!!
I ended up overlaping the front a bit because that’s just the way it went and I like it. The buttons are temporary (maybe). Just some I had in my button stash.

Pattern: Four-Button Jacket by Mary Jane Hall, Crochet! magazine March 2011
Hook: I
Yarn: Red Heart, color: Honey Dew

Close up:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Found Doily -- Circle of Shells

I found this doily while going throught some old Christmas stuff. I think it was for my grandma then she got alzheimers and went into a care center.  I'm keeping now.
Its done with size 10 thread.
25 inches in diameter.
The last round is slightly ruffle
Pattern: Crochet Fantasy July 1998 Number 124 "Circle of Shells"


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Colors Crocheted Scarf

Found one lonely skien of christmas color yarn. Made a scarf.

Size I hook
"'Mistletoe" color Red Heart yarn
Just DC.

Christmas Tree

Taken during the day for good lighting.

The tree is fiber optics and I couldn't decide if to decorates it or not. I put the little angel on it at least. I crocheted the edging on the dress.

Added evening photo.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yarn covered ornament

Had this from last year and quickly crocheted a cover for it. Satrted/from the top and did V-st in the center.

Worsted weight yarn
Size H hook

Sunday, December 11, 2011

2 Snowflakes, 1 Star

A coworker wanted 2 snowflakes for 2 ladies who are struggling right now, so I agreed to make them.  I wanted to do one more and  somewhere I made a star... she can have the star for herself.

Size 3 thread
Size E hook
Just made up

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Purse Straps

I went through 3 purses beacause I like my keys on the metal loop to find easily. Each strap on them started to tear. So since I couldn't find one I like, and I really like this one, I made new straps.

I sewed a ribbon (matches print) to the inside of the straps to make it sturdy.

I just bought 2 fat quarter squares and used a little over one.  The ribbon was 1 1/2 inches wide, the straps are one a bit wider.  They ended longer then I thought, haven't had this long of straps in a long time and I like them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Old crochet collar

Cleaning I found this top. Its been ages since I wore it. And actually its so old its too big. It was one I wore before I lost a lot of weight years ago. I'm thinking what I can do to fix it to make it fit. Maybe some darts.. or a thread belt to match. Since I'm not good at sewing yet, I'll make a belt (one day).

I'm sure this idea came from a pattern, back then I did follow more patterns more closely.

The button matches the buttons on the 3/4 sleeve edges, there were a few on the shoulder if I remember correctly.

Its done in thread.