Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mocha Swirls Dishcloth - Crocheted

Made this a few weeks ago, but didn't weave in ends. Since I was washing towels, etc., I finished the 2 ends and threw it in the wash.
The cone of cotton calls it Mocha Swirls.
Used a size H hook.
Pattern was my fall back, one row of SC, one row of DC, then repeat until square, last row SC. Then SC around entire piece.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shirt With Set In Sleeves - Sewing

First shirt with sleeves

I made this shirt over the weekend.  It was from a 97cent pattern Walmart has been carrying (Simplicity).  Can't remember the number right now (at work right now).  This was suppose to be a dress with a tie, but I don't look good in dresses and need more shirt patterns.

I am happy with this.  I learned how to do:
*set in sleeves
*interfacing (on the inside of the neck area)

I used some inexpensive material to try it out.  It wasn't a perfect pattern (few are).  I had to change the cutting on the neck for the inside material and interfacing.

Yes it's big on me.  I measured myself.  Measured the pattern piece.  Don't know what  happened.  And the darts are too low.  I have a book which can has suggestions on raising darts.  It's a book that helped me with the sleeves.  It's the The Complete Photo Guide to SewingIs great for those wanting to do wardrobe items, over 100 pages of tips and techniques.  With several more on pattern and materials.

I ended up liking how the collar was folded down.  It's suppose to go up with just a long slit as the opening.  But I tried it on and liked how it folded down.  So I ironed it that way when I was done. 

This was suppose to have a zipper in back and I think a button and a long front opening.  It fits fine with a shorter neck opening, no need for the zipper and button (which I didn't intend to do at all).

Did you see the mistake?  If not, great!

If so, it's that I cut the sleeves on the pattern material to go sideways instead of down.  I realized that after I finished cutting everything and it was too late.  But it's okay.  It was my practice piece.
Oh, there are a few other mistakes, hard to see in photos, but I knew I wouldn't do great and it was such a stress reliever!  I didn't have to worry as I sewed.

This is an at-home shirt, also a just stop at the store shirt (if I'm at home and need to go shopping... like for yarn or fabric... or ice cream).

ETA:  Found the pattern at Simplicity, they are selling them for $1.99.  still a good deal for one pattern (but check your walmart or other stores to save a buck).
2025 Sew Simple Misses' Dress

Monday, August 8, 2011

2 Snowflakes Crocheted

2 more snowflakes to add to my snowflake collection.
Size 3 thread.
Size G hook
Just made up the snowflakes.

I just added labels to my other snowflakes done 2 years ago.  So click on the label below to see more if you'd like to see the others I have in my collection. I could only see the size 10 thread snowflakes in the box I have for them. There may be other size 3 ones that I put somewhere else and they're not in that box.  Possible.  Some could even be with my Christmas tree as I couldn't find the box this year to put them up :( .  But I have it in a good place now.  So this Christmas I will have a snowflake theme.