Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blueberry Pie Sweater

Pattern: crochet vintage striped jacket. This is from the Red Heart website, free pattern.
As you can tell I didn't mame it striped. Had this yarn leftover from an afghan I didn't finish and wasn't going to.
Used a size I hook.
About 6 skeins of yarn.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Doily with a rose or not

I found this size 3 thread doily, washed, blocked and weaved in ends. Also had a rose in size 10 thread.

Should I add the rose?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue skirt

Wanted to get my sewing mojo back so I made a simple skirt. Its just two straight pieces, sewn on the side (straight stitch then zig zag), hem, elastic waist.  Took about 2 hours.

I joined a flickr group, Monthly Appearal, so I could get my sewing mojo back and make at least one thing a month.  I could do more, but I crochet is my first love.  So that will always come first.  So I'm adding a tag "2012 Sewing" which will be all the appearal items I make this year.

This is a picture of me wearing it with my vest (I was taking a pic of my vest).

And here is the full skirt on a hanger:

It's hard for me to get a good picture of me in a skirt... so hopefully these work.

Cut A-way Vest

#5 sweater for 2012
Notes from my Ravelry page:

Not doing. Couldn’t get it and it seemed boring for the body. Love the edging though. Might be a good mindless project when watching tv though…
Pattern here

4.0 mm (G)

6 skeins = 1326.0 yards (1212.5m) although I don't think I used it all... when I find it I'll update.
I have up to row 32 on the back done. And it’s all ready 15 inches. I crochet loose, so that’s probably why.
Need to decide how to fix the pattern to fit me. Probably in one piece instead of 3 pieces. Need to work on where the stitches go as I have a back finished and its way too long. So in hibernating until I figure it out.
Redoing in another yarn. I think it will end up easier to fit. And look nicer. For the Harry Potter group. HPKCHC

Because I didn’t see an end to this and not working on it and this year is my finish my WIPs year, I decided to just make this a vest.
But after much debate with myself, I knew I wasn’t going to finish it that way. And that was a hard decision because I frogged it a lot to get the gauge. And making the body wasn’t easy as I had to count stitches and rows. But since this year is Finish The WIPs, I decided I’m not going to finish this as a cardi and so it’s done. But it will get wear in the summer as it’s open and a light DK weight yarn.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Green Pullover Vest

Pattern idea came from some book. It was just a basic single crochet pullover vest, but I did it in double crochet. Then it wasn’t long enough so I added a lace bottom edging. Since the yoke is so open, I left it kind of off the shoulder rather then on the shoulder.
This was suppose to be a “weekend” sweater, done in a weekend, so I thought I’d finish it for my 2011 sweaters, but that didn’t happen…

Used Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  Can't remember the hook size (I finished it a while ago and put it to the side after January started).

Started December 2011
January 16 2012
#4 Sweater for 2012

Pink Pullover Vest

Start this a long time ago. I was only going to keep going down and then decided to add some motif’s on the bottom. I did just a simple granny square motif on the bottom. I finally finished weaving in all the ends!

I finally finished it yesterday with only 14 ends left to weave in (yes I counted them after I finished).

Used Red Heart Yarn. Not sure of the hook size (yes it's been that long since I started it, I can't remember and I didn't put it on Ravelry).

Adapted from the pattern :
#3 sweater for 2012.

Green and White Striped Cardigan

Used stash to make this sweater.
I’m not sure when I started it, probably 2010 as there’s a purple one that I started about the same time (also used stash to start that one). Yes that long ago.
I decided to finish up projects and this one only had ends to weave in (lots of ends, but ONLY ends).
Top down. Just made it up as I went along, not hard as it’s all double crochet.
As you can tell, the top and bottom strips match in color.

I started it so long ago, I don't remember the size of hook I used... probably an "I" hook, as that's my favorite for sweaters.  Not to large and not too small.

#2 Sweater for 2012

Magnum Jacket Crochet

A few mistakes in this pattern.
The Meduim number of stitches on the first row.
There are different amount of rows on the fronts and back.
I didn’t realize it was SUPER bulky. So it ended up smaller (especially the arm opening since I didn’t read the back directions and that there were suppose to be more rows). So I added some to the bottom and front. I figured since it was going in all directions, this would just add to it.
I started the sleeve and then wanted to see if I could make it longer and wider with front rows, so I took it out. Since it’s smaller and I want a “almost no seam” sweater, I’m going to work the sleeves onto the sweater and work down. Since my arm openings are so small (but not too tight, thankfully) I won’t need to decrease, but maybe at the last row for a tighter “cuff”.
This could take a weekend to make, like they say, if you sit and crochet it. I didn’t crochet as much as I usually do and I started it late Saturday, so it’s taking longer.

September 11 2010
January 7 2012

Have no idea why it took me so long to finish this thing. Pictures up soon.

15.0 mm (P/Q)
4 skeins = 436.0 yards (398.7m)
off white

First sweater for 2012 completed.