Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crochet Shawl Started

Because I hadn't posted in here for a while, here's part of a shawl I've started. Its not that bright, but it is a blue.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue Animal Print Top

Trying out a pattern that doesn't require sleeve seeming.  I made it longer, didn't realized it wouldn't fit my hips, so I did side seams.  Luckily you can't see the seems (side or bottoms) in any of the photos because I used my rolled hem foot and I still need more practice.

This was just some inexpensive material to try it out.  And give me a shirt to wear on the weekends or around the apartment.  Not my favorite shirt.  Maybe a tie or belt would make it look nicer... and dark pants under it as the side seems don't flatter me.

This one's not my favorite, but it was a good way to try this pattern.  I used one back piece, folded it and just kept cutting down until I ran out of material.


Here's a flat view of the sleeve and part of the front.
 It as a 1985 pattern for a dress "make it tonight" series.  It's for a dress pattern (one size actually, but fit me perfectly) and has 2 lengths.  I did one back piece, it's suppose to zip or something in the back, but I made it a pull over.

Took a pic of the pattern envelope

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Skirt

Because I finished this yesterday, April 1, I'm counting this as my April item for my 12 sewing items 2012.  The tag "2012 Sewing" which will be all the appearal items I make this year.

I'm also counting this because if I don't get around to finishing something else this month, or it doesn't work out very well, I can count this one as #4. ;)

Again.  A very basic skirt.  Straight with elastic waist and pockets.  These are my favorites to make and wear.

I found the material at walmart, on clearance, for $2 a yard.  Used 2 yards.  I had the elastic as I buy a large amount, enough for 3 skirts and it costs only $1.50 or so.  The thread was used on my last 2 projects too.

I'm using inexpensive fabric to get use to sewing and learning what I'm sewing and how to sew it.  A skirt I did a while ago is too long and I need to hem.  I never would have found that out if I didn't wear it outside of my little apartment and that's why I don't do muslin.

Here's a close up