Monday, July 23, 2012

Brown and Pink Swirl Print Skirt

Not knowing which one to make, I just choose the brown and pink.

Used the same pattern I've been using, New Look 6730, which I cut larger because its suppose to be for knits, but its just a skirt, so no problem. An A line skirt. I added pockets because I love them. These are kind of square,  but my cell phone fits.


Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

I just Googled that pattern, because I was thinking what a great and comfy idea your lovely skirts are. And when an image of the pattern envelope came up, I realized I actually already have it! That must be an omen. I need to get to the fabric store ASAP!

Deborah Cee said...

LOL. Good luck it is an easy pattern. And they are comfy, that's why I make them.
I need an app that will log all my patterns like my DVD collection so i dont buy duplicates. ;) almost done that.