Friday, July 20, 2012

Crochet Hearts From Dollar Store Kit

I took a pic of what was included in the kit: very small amount of yarn, plastic crochet hook (unsure of size, maybe am F), instructions.

I changed to an aluminum hook and it didn't work,so I grabbed my extra yarn and made a heart.

In case anyone has this, here are the corrections:

Heart #1.
This one is worked I rounds.
I only counted 5 SC instead of 6 like the instructions said (and this heart I did twice). Other then that the instructions were pretty clear.

Heart #2.
This one is worked in rows.
I changed it to 2 SC on the ends. Instructions said only one until row 7, but it would be unbalanced.
On row 11 it said to rep rows 9 & 10, but really you need to follow rows 8-10.
I also SC around the edges for row 12.  I added some stitches so it lies flat. I did 3 SC on the bottom and tips.
There's a ton of ends to weave in. My suggestion is to not fasten off after Row 11, just start Row 12.

Heart #3.
This one is worked in rounds.
Only 2 rounds,  very simple and accurate instructions, even if not very clear.

Sorry if the pics aren't in order. I tried 3 times. And I rotated the one on the side, I didn't take it that way my camera app did that, but blogger kept it on its side...

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