Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fabric for Skirts

Which one should I do first?

The white has a subtle butterfly print, but requires lining which I have.
The blue print will be vertical, therefore not a maxi skirt.
The pink and brown I couldn't pass up at JoAnns, but not on the top of my list unless that gets chosen.
The bottom is some fun print I bought because i want to do a fun print skirt. That's about as fun as I get. Of course it had to have some blue in it. I also wanted some yellow and this has some of that in it too.

It'll be my basic pattern I've used the last to times. Maybe. Most likely.
So help me decide.


Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

Sounds like you're already leaning toward the one on the bottom. Besides the white, that might be the most "summery". All of them are great, though.

Deborah Cee said...

Thanks. I actually have started on the pink and brown, but my machine bobbin jammed and i need to take it apart. I'll do the bottom one next since it is a sunmery one and it's near the end of July.