Sunday, July 15, 2012

St Tropez Tunic, 1st Motif

I changed the last round. The 2 DC Cl was just too many stitches, so I just did a DC instead.

Size G hook
Size 3 thread Aunt Lydia's Fashion thread.
Pattern from Interweave Crochet Summer/August 2012 issue.

I used a larger hook to make it fit me better as this was a one size fit all pattern. I may even have to change the motif assembly or something. But I think i might be OK.


Elly said...

I have just completed my first motif, any tips on joining them? Can't get my head round the half and quarter motifs.

Deborah Cee said...

I haven't worked in it since then so I'm not sure about joinging. SL ST maybe? Anyone else have an idea? Or did you figure it out? Is there a CAL (crochet-a-long) somewhere? There should be!