Monday, September 24, 2012


I know I've done this pattern before but it was on Pinterest, so I thought I'd try it again. I started with less chains and so I did 3 rows of SC for an edging to make it bigger.

WW cotton yarn, green.
Size H hook


Pinterest board

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Brown and Pink Polk A Dot Skirt

Finished sewing this today.
Simple pattern. Two rectangles with side pockets.
I  did a close up pic to show the colors better.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fabric Thrift Store Find

I think I scored when I found this last night at a thrift store in a bag for only $2.99 (US dollars).  At first I thought, oh good some Christmas fabric I can use to make bags out of.  Last year I was thinking it would be a good idea to make fabric gift bags.  Didn't as I was still learning to sew, but I might try a few this year.

Pulling out the fabric, I found these (I unfolded them to get them ready to wash):

I realized there were a lot of little pieces, so I'm thinking: Christmas Quilt.  There is a lot of red, so maybe a green to boarder some smaller squares...

Then I found these 4 pieces that were a good 1/2 yard or more.  These could be used for outside of the bag. The angel one has the most fabric.

Then I saw something that looked like you cut it out to make something.  A pattern on material.

I found this:

Yep a great big stocking.  It's 26 inches tall.  There's two sides, so both are printed with the same teddy bear print. 

I'm thinking maybe I could make a pillow out of it.  A big pillow.  Like half a body pillow. Other then that it would just hang on the wall.  But getting under a warm blanket and having this, would make watching a movie on a snowy night that much better.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Crocheted Slippers

Every year I make me a quick pair of crocheted slippers.  It's been a bit cool and last evening was no exception.  So I pulled out some soft yarn and made my pair.

Yarn: Red heart-- With Love, color: bluebell
Hook: size H
Pattern: just made up based on one that I've used before. Just start from the toe up. All DC for the foot, SC for edge.


3 Dishcloths in Green

I found a cone of green cotton on clearance (probably because of the color), so using that and my little balls of cotton yarn, I made three dishcloths. I'll make more later.

I did a the white one with a scallopped edge, the mid green with just SC, the dark green edge with a post stitch for the second round.

All centers are one row SC then one row DC, finish with a SC row.

3 Facial Scrubby

My last facial scrubby got really bad, so I made 3 more.

I just did a simple circle. DC first round, then SC for a few rounds.
 I used some left over cotton yarn thats also used for dishcloth.

made these a few weeks ago, but my blogger app isnt working. ugh.

Sock to Cell Phone Holder

i needed a quick cell phone holder. crocheting one would have taken too long. maybe. and sewing wasn't an option since I had never made one (I need to make some to practice).

Looking around I saw a spare, lonely sock. I cut it to fit my cell phone.Cut a strip to use for a wrist strap.

I thought I'd have to sew around the edge to orevent freying, but didn't. I did a zig zag stitch. then I did a straight stitch to sew the strap on.