Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Denium Like Skirt

I found this material at a thirft store and loved it.  I had been cut, but I figured there would be enough for a skirt.

When I cut out the skirt, I realized the bottom might be a little tight (I wanted a longer, maybe maxi skirt).  So I remembered a magazine I had showed how to add insert triangle pieces to the skirt (at the moment, my mind is blank and I can't think what they're called--traingles added to add some flare to the skirt).  It didn't give enough instruction, so I had to do my best.  It turned out okay.  The front and back center worked out pretty good as I cut a larger opening, but the sides didn't. 

The material is very thin and I knew I unpicked more then once, the material would be ruined (at least in that area).  It's not even really a denium.  Just a thin cotton.

Super easy pattern.  Two peices, pockets, elastic waist.  Except the front and side inserts.

The picture of it hanging is sort of off to the side to try to show the inserts on the side seams.  So ignore how off center and odd it is. 

As you can see, I tried to iron in the side inserts into the side.  They stuck out oddly.  They're not as big as they should be, I realized, but they still work.  They still stick out a bit, but I wore it on Sunday and it's not bad.  I'll wear it again on Friday (yes I have to wear a skirt or dress to work everyday) and see how I feel about it.  It might be wide enough to where I can take out the side inserts, or I can make it shorter.

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