Wednesday, October 3, 2012

White Board Gift Idea From Pinterest

This idea was on Pinterest (I pinned it HERE).  I really liked the idea.  So this morning when I had some extra time, I made one.  Found a few things.

If the frame is wider then the paper, you will see the hole punches like in mine.
Wide Ruled paper is easier to write on because the dry erase marker has a wide tip (you may find a very fine point marker though).
I had to cut some of the paper to fit, I wanted to keep the top so it looked like the paper with the large white on top.

I decided the dry erase marker with the eraser cap would be a good one to go with this.  No need to look for an eraser.  This also has a magnet on one large flat end of the cap.  So I put a little magnet on top, under the glass.  Didn't hold.  I added a larger, more magnetic magnet to the ouside of the glass.  If you're going to use this dry erase marker, you may want a flat frame so the magnet is on the frame.

I still like this idea.  But it did need some changes.

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