Thursday, December 6, 2012

6 Snow Flakes

I've been making snowflakes during lunch and putting them up in my cubical.  I have six done and thought I'd share.  I did 2 from a Lion Brand pattern (there were 6, but I only liked 2).  The others I made up.  The smallest is 4 inches the largest is 7 inches from tip to tip. Some are a little off, because I just pinned them any which way.  I did wet them down and press them between paper towels, but I didn't want to spent a lot of time on them (obviously).  They'll be up only for a little while.  I used different color pins since I knew I wouldn't have enough white pins.  I was going to starch them (still might) but didn't want to bother.

All done in size 3 thread, sie F hook.

This one I wanted to try a flower look in the center, but it looks more like a star/snowflake, which works just as good.

I repinned this one to make ti better.  But it was hard, the center I did in a SC spiral, so I think that threw it off a bit.  Just trying something to give it a different look.

This one is the tinest one of all:

If you have any thoughts about starching, repinning, stiffinening or tossing... let me know.

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