Friday, December 21, 2012

Candy Cane Wreath--Pinterest Idea

I saw this idea on Pinterest.  However, I couldn't find a link on How to do this.  I'm guessing it was a mock up and the idea not really done.  The part that got to me was the tips of the candy canes comeing together.  I taped the backs with scotch tape, but the tips would show it.  I'm guessing a little dab of craft glue would work better.  I used a round red and white mint for the center.  The picture showed a snowflake.  But then again, not sure how you'd put it all together.  I used long pieces of scotch tape to secure it all together (for example, from one end to another going over the circle mint).

Anyway here's my result that I hung on my wall at work.

If anyone has ideas or tried this, please let me know.

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