Sunday, December 30, 2012

Free Motion Quilting

Just to try it out, I free form quilted this potholder. I cut and sewed a patchwork quilt top and have a ton of squares left over. So I decided to pratice and make some potholders. I was going to use my walking foot, but midplaced it. This was fun though.

Some things I learned:
*slow speed is good. I had it set up a little above the middle speed on my machine and that was a bit fast. Plus I have long and short stitches (but it is my first one).
*plan before you start. I just sort of winged it. But that did make it fun. When I'm better I'll try to wing it.
*when doing this type of edge, cut the backing extra large.
*set the needle in the down position so when you stop you can turn easily (I was lifting the presser foot as I have on other types of sewing but not sure if that's necessary). My machine requires me to turn the hand dial so the needles in the down position, then press a button which will keep it in memory (ETA this part as I forgot about this until I watached another video--and realized mine isn't too bad).

You might be able to tell in the picture below, but I started from one corner and did a spiral of sorts to the center (need to learn how to end--back to watching more videos on the internet).


Deborah Cee said...

I'll add this link to the comment section so others can add theirs links or ideas or tips here too. Keep the post clean too.

There's 4 tutorials on free motion quilting. The second is completely on the basting spray, which doesn't sound too bad as I pinned mine and the first pin got in the way.
Shows how to start and stop the "quilting" too (I needed that instruction).


Anonymous said...

do you have other favorite instructional sewing videos???

Momma said...

if only I would have been signed in when I posted that :P so now I will post again so I will be able to follow... :D

Deborah Cee said...

I've just looked at websites. That was really the only one I found.

Deborah Cee said...

Oh check out my Pinterest board on quilting.
I have several links.