Friday, March 23, 2012

Sewing Patterns from a Thrift Store

I found these yesterday at a thrift store for 50 cents each. I'm hoping the pants pattern will help me with the pair I sewed earlier this week and future pairs. I have to wear skirts every day so having different designs is a must (I don't want to get bored). And some one was talking about shirt dress patterns, so I got this one. 
There was more, but I didn't need them. I really want to limit my pattern buying. Especially since these were unused and there was a ton--I figured she was cleaning her stash of patterns--and I don't want to have that, um, problem.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Elise Shawl

The full shawl on me.  Although I'm wearing it today with the point int he back.  I really need to buy a shawl pin.
And a close up of the center back:
Here's the edging I did on it, as well as the yarn label:
A corner with the top edging started

A close up of me wearing it:

Needle and yarn

6.0 mm (J)

1.5 (approximately)
Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinski

Started March 9 2012
March 21 2012

This is actually a pretty quick shawl, I just let it sit for a week before finally finishing it.
Decided to just do a scalloped type edge on this for the bottom and a SC edge on the top.

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Pair of Pants - Sewing

These are my first pair of pants.  The picture isn't that great, but the sun went down as I was finishing them. They're actually more green.  I didn't realize they were going to have that wide of a leg!  It was the 99 cent pattern at walmart Simplicity 2012 .  This was just a cheap polyster I found at a thrift store (not quite the 70's poly, but close).  I thought I could make them to wear when I do cleaning when I don't want to even wear my bad pants.  I added pockets to them because I like pockets, and just used the same one I use for my skirts.

I love were the waist sits, since it's a "below the waist" pattern.  And I have a low waist.

However, the legs need to be tapered in.  Not sure how to do that.  I wonder if I could use another pattern for the legs and the top from this pattern.  Ideas? Links?

Just a note, after I took the pic, I sat down to upload to flickr and they are sooo comfortable.  I didn't want to change out of them.

This is my #3 clothing item for 2012.  I'm on schedule and hope to stay (actually get ahead, I found some cute material for a skirt and it's all washed and ready to cut).

ETA (3-20-12):
I thought of something this morning.  I wonder if I could take the top part and a bottom part of another pant pattern I have or even just draw a line down a line of Tru-Grid Graph Material I have.  This is great material, has 1" grid lines and can be used again (better then tissue).  I got mine on with a 50% off coupon. 
Here's a picture of what I mean or you can check it out at HERE (check elsewhere for discounts or use a coupon, it's worth it at full price, but I always like deals).
I added a piece of material under this hoping to get a better picture.  This was a piece I had cut out my pocket pattern for, so you can see my ink lines on it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flower from a crochet kit

Found this kit at a dollar store. Thought I'd try it. I didn't have enough pink for one flower. I also didn't do enough stitches on the pedals of the purple one, but it still looks good.

I couldn't use the cheap plastic one, so I used my aluminium G hook.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shamrocks 4

Shamrocks 4 by cfdcdc2003
Shamrocks 4, a photo by cfdcdc2003 on Flickr.

Shamrocks 4 more made today.

3 shamrocks

3 shamrocks by cfdcdc2003

Just making a bunch for March for St. Patrick's Day.
3 shamrocks, a photo by cfdcdc2003 on Flickr.
3 shamrocks