Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crochet Hearts and Roses

Crocheted some hearts and roses.

The hearts on my wall at work:
I used the same, simple pattern from last year.  One round.  Easy.

The Rose:
I didn't follow a pattern but saw several like it.  It's one long chain, then I did several SC in each sttitch, then a few HDC in several chains, then DC, then TRC.  In the first one when I changed stitches, I did 3 stitches in one chain.  The TRC didn't roll as much as the others, so I think I did more.  Then I rolled it up and sewed it together.

I made 3 more hearts and  a lady gave me a dishtowel.  So I put the dishtowel up in my cabinet to hang over with the under lighting and she suggested I pin the hearts on the dishtowel. This is a picture of one with the cute bear in a snow globe I found at the dollar store (yes there's one behind. I got it from Avon years ago, I believe it's a happiness angel or something like that).

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