Monday, February 18, 2013

February 2013 SAL - Pants

For this Sew A Long, February is pants.  I made these.

Pattern: Simplicity 1808.
Fabric: Cotton, levi look.

I made a muslin and did not like some parts of it and changed it on the actual pattern.  I still didn't like the waistband, even though I changed it.  These fit me good, even on the muslin.  It says "worn 1" below waist" and that works for me as I have a low waist.

These challenged me by:
*different pockets.  These were sewn in and part of it is used as the side seam. They're one big pocket and folded in half to create the front sewn to the side and waistband.
*pleats.  I hadn't done these since 8th grade when I couldn't even do those on a simple apron and they were large pleats.  I had to unpick one set on the final pants because they were all facing the same way.  Googling pictures it looks like they face out.  So I unpicked the basting.
*waistband.  I hadn't really done one.  This was so odd, someone on patterns review changed it too.  I would change it again if I do these again.

These are fairly easy.  I did the muslin and final project over a 3 day weekend, including going shopping and 4 small loads of laundry (I have a small apartment washer/drier--okay one is in the drier still).  And on the muslin I only did a straight stitch on most of it because I didn't wnt to spend the time picking out the stitch I use for edges which is harder to take out.

Close up below to show the details.  I added some decorative stitches.  The pockets on the muslin didn't seem to stay in, so I added it to both set.

Here's the close up of the muslin, just so you can see the difference.  I used a "contrasting" thread so I could see how the stitches line up on the muslin and what I may need to change on the final pants.

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