Monday, April 29, 2013

Knit Skirt Sewed

Since I felt so confident making the top I did an easy knit skirt. I had this material from a thrift store.

The skirt is just 2 rectangles, elastic waist and pockets. I choose to make it very simple.

Sitting it in right now, I see why people like knit skirts. This material is so soft.

Since I had white thread in my machine I cut the skirt so I could use the white thread. I used the 3 stitch zig-zag throughout, even the hem. Stretches nicely.

Ignore my feet and the floor, the flash did that :(

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sewed White Knit Fabric Top

My May SAL is to sew a knit top. I decided to try something very simple to get ahead.
I found this pattern at walmart as well as this white knit travel material. This is a very easy top. Front piece, back piece, neck band.
This was a good first piece.
I learned to use 2 different stitches. A 3 step zig-zag and a 3 stitch straight stitch. I used the 3 step zig-zag for the shoulder and side seams. I used the 3 stitch straight stitch for the neck and hemming.
I didn't do very well on the neck, so I added a stitch to the top.
Then I tried it on. It was almost falling off my shoulders and remember someone on Ralvery mentioning that I probably have narrow shoulders since this happens with RTW tops. So I did a fold and stitched it to fit. My next piece will be 2 backs. The fold at the under arms is just the way it looks with my arms down.
I don't know what happened with the hem. Maybe too wide and should have been more narrow.
This is a white fabric.
New Look A6216 pattern.

Capri Pants Sewing

I found this pattern at a thrift store and since I couldn't find my Capri pants pattern, I bought it. The pants were uncut (lucky me as the skirt was).

I was between 2 sizes so I want up a size, from the picture on the pattern envelope looking form fitting, I figure it would be fine.

I'm not sure how they ended up looking 4 sizes too big. Yep there at home pants.

I used a cotton fabric like it called for. I added side pockets.

ETA I sewed up the sides a bit and front and back. I ironed it so much the sides don't flare out like I wanted, but maybe when the material relaxes, it will be fine.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

PJ 3rd pair

Made my 3rd pair from the same pattern. New Look 6765.

This material seemed thinner after I washed it.  Some of the seams kind of were coming out. Even with the stitch I used.

When I sewed on the pockets to the side, I realized it was thin and changed my stitch (I used one that was two straight stitches with a zig-zag in the middle---number 14 on my machine).  But the material is thin.

But the print is pretty and will last me through spring and summer. I plan on making some fleece ones for winter anyway.  That will be before winter. I want some cute PJs in the winter. Usually I just wear sweat pants (they're warm and the men's have pockets--womens' are usually the fashion type and don't have pockets or fit comfy).

PJ 3rd pair by cfdcdc2003
PJ 3rd pair, a photo by cfdcdc2003 on Flickr.

Close up with the TRUE color, a teal/blue:

Monday, April 15, 2013

PJ Bottom, 2nd Pair

My second pair of PJ bottoms. I started these thinking I could make a pair a week as a challenge. But after I started these, I thought these are easy and going to be boring soon. Also, how could I challenge myself?

So I decided to do outside front pockets. Then I decided to do outside back pockets. Looking at a pattern, didn’t help, so I just winged it. I added the decorate stitch to the back pockets to cover up my poor sewing skills. Then used the same scallop for the front. I had the pockets cut for the side seam ones, so I just used those.

For the material, I used a sheet I had in my stash for practice and this a good practice on outside pockets which I hadn’t done before.

Pattern: New Look 6765 (for the legs and original side pockets).  Very easy pattern, one front piece, one back piece and pocket pieces.


pj #2 close up of pocket detail by cfdcdc2003

And the PJ’s on me:

pj #2 by cfdcdc2003

Sunday, April 7, 2013

PJ bottom

PJ bottom by cfdcdc2003
PJ bottom, a photo by cfdcdc2003 on Flickr.
PJ bottom. 6765 New Look pattern. Material in stash. Bought from a thrift store. Both Pattern and material. 50 cent pattern, uncut.

Very easy pattern.  Just a front and back piece, and a pocket piece. These could be made in an hour after a few tries, I'm sure. If you elminated the pockets, it would take that long, but I love pockets. And they're not hard to put in.  These are the same simple side pockets I use for skirts all the time.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April SAL Plans

My March SAL (sew-a-long) didn't happen because I was doing a charity sewing project for my church.

I'm ready for April though.

April is to sew some PJ's.  I'm going to do some bottoms (I think most are on Ralvery).  I choose a print I have in my stash.  I was going to make a skirt with this print, but then I decided it would be cuter in PJ bottoms.  I had the pattern. I'm going to do the long PJs.  It's a unisex pattern.

These are both thrift store finds. I can't remember the price on the material as I bought it over a year ago. The pattern was 50 cents (love those prices)--uncut.

The pattern is very easy.  Front, back, pockets.  Yep it has side slit pockets.  If it didn't, I was going to add them anyway.  Elastic waist and simple fold over hem for the bottom.  I read the pattern the other night.  The bottoms are cotton (or similar) material. The top is a knit, so I won't do that now.  Another SAL is a knit top and I have material and pattern ready for that.

I discovered I did not have any purple thread.  I couldn't believe it.  Last night I found two that looked like they would match and one will.  I used a picture on my cell phone since I hadn't cut out the pattern yet.  Normally I would take a piece of scrap material (had to do that once when I couldn't find the thread I bought).

If anyone else has done PJ bottoms before, put a link in the comments and let me see.  I would love to.  yes I've done pants before (2 including 1 muslin), but I still like inspiration.