Sunday, April 21, 2013

PJ 3rd pair

Made my 3rd pair from the same pattern. New Look 6765.

This material seemed thinner after I washed it.  Some of the seams kind of were coming out. Even with the stitch I used.

When I sewed on the pockets to the side, I realized it was thin and changed my stitch (I used one that was two straight stitches with a zig-zag in the middle---number 14 on my machine).  But the material is thin.

But the print is pretty and will last me through spring and summer. I plan on making some fleece ones for winter anyway.  That will be before winter. I want some cute PJs in the winter. Usually I just wear sweat pants (they're warm and the men's have pockets--womens' are usually the fashion type and don't have pockets or fit comfy).

PJ 3rd pair by cfdcdc2003
PJ 3rd pair, a photo by cfdcdc2003 on Flickr.

Close up with the TRUE color, a teal/blue:

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