Monday, April 15, 2013

PJ Bottom, 2nd Pair

My second pair of PJ bottoms. I started these thinking I could make a pair a week as a challenge. But after I started these, I thought these are easy and going to be boring soon. Also, how could I challenge myself?

So I decided to do outside front pockets. Then I decided to do outside back pockets. Looking at a pattern, didn’t help, so I just winged it. I added the decorate stitch to the back pockets to cover up my poor sewing skills. Then used the same scallop for the front. I had the pockets cut for the side seam ones, so I just used those.

For the material, I used a sheet I had in my stash for practice and this a good practice on outside pockets which I hadn’t done before.

Pattern: New Look 6765 (for the legs and original side pockets).  Very easy pattern, one front piece, one back piece and pocket pieces.


pj #2 close up of pocket detail by cfdcdc2003

And the PJ’s on me:

pj #2 by cfdcdc2003

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