Sunday, May 12, 2013

Am I Just Not Meant to Sew a Top

Below are 4 tops I tried to make this month. All turned out wrong. The 3 that are blue, pink and green were made from the same pattern with alterations to try to make it fit. Didn't work.
Should I just live with the fact that I can't sew tops? These were labeled easy and were. But I couldn't get them.
Blogger app changed the photo sequence. Sorry.
Close ups to show details and colors, not necessarily mistakes.

NOTE: I added some to this post on 6/27/13 because when I posted this, I wasn't feeling good about making top. I also rearranged the photos.

My FIRST knit top. An easy front and back piece with a neck band. But the neck was too wide, so I sewed it up. I posted about this previously.  I redid this in June and changed the neckline (smaller) and it's perfect.

My second knit top. A blue knit one I had to add a neckline too:
Close up of the neckline I tried to fix with what material I had left over. Not the best and one is off center. But it's wearable and I wear it around the apartment.
My cotton muslin so I could see what I needed to change (besides the widening the sleeves). Realized the armholes were too small.  I decided this wasn't too bad and have wore it to work with that skirt.
A close up to show the print and color a little better. It's wrinkled just because. Not from my sewing.

My next muslin. Since the sleeves fit and the armholes, but I messed up on the neck and tried to fix it. I put a white top under it. It's a bit wide (I did do that on purpose, but it seemed more so).  I thought about adding an elastic waist, but could also belt it if I wanted to wear it.
I ended up doing a facing for the neck and used a decorative stich to sew it down. The thread almost matches the fabric so it's hard to see it from a distance.

6/27/13: ETA: in case anyone comes across this post.  I've kept doing tops and I'm getting a little better.  I'm going to keep at it because I want to make some tops. I want tops that fit me.  The blue one above is one example of WHY I SEW.  RTW (Ready to Wear) don't fit me well in most cases. I have narrow shoulders and they fall off my shoulders or are too wide in the neck.

I redid this top with sleeves in knit and it's posted a few posts after this one. It turned out pretty good and makes a nice sleeved basic top. Better in knit though.

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