Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Me Made May

I only heard about this just a few days ago, or a week ago (really need to stay up to date on the blogs I follow). This is a personal sewing challenge, but could be a personal Me Made It challenge, so knit or crochet count. Some are wearing a different item every day that they made. Some are wearing and making items. Some are refashioning clothing items to make them like to wear them. Its pretty much a personal challenge, but some thing wearable.

I almost always wear a skirt I made on weekdays to work. I have some nice store bought ones I'll wear until they wear out, though.
Today I'm wearing a blue top I sewed and a skirt I made. The top was easy, 2 pieces and no set in sleeves. Not a perfect finish, but not bad. Too short because of the material I had, so I am wearing a store bought white shirt under it.

I wear the PJs I made. I have some pants I've made that I've worn on weekends. So I'm getting close to a wardrobe I've made myself.

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