Thursday, June 6, 2013

2 Crochet Cotton Clothes in a Gift Basket

Here's the gift basket on the side.  It's a wire basket with 2 placemats that will go around the gift.

Here are the cards I gave her. The one not in the envelope is the cards I used. It was a package of blank envelopes. I had a lot to write so I used several cards. And I figured she could reuse the front of the card.

Here are the 2 dishclothes I crocheted for her. These are new. I just did my basic center pattern. A row of SC then a row of DC until the last row of SC and make it square. I did a fancy boarder, kind of. The snowflakes on the right were in my snowflake box. I need to make sure size 3 thread ones.

Here's the doily I had in my doily bag and I gave that to her. you can see the 2 candles I gave her to in the gift bag. One was a red one and the other was a Faith words with tea light holders, also next to it is the tea light candles.

Here's the gift wraped up with the sheer ribbon. Since it was an odd shape, I put ribbon all over it. I used the entire little spool. I even tied the envelopes.

Here's a side view of the wrapped gift. The flash made it a bit odd color.

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