Friday, July 5, 2013

Car Garbage Bag - Sewing

The July SAL Challenge is to make a bag.
I wasn't going to, but yesterday decided to.

Here's the finished car garbage bag. (not the best picture, taking early morning and stuffed with a tissue box).

Some of the Challenges in making this bag include:

Button Hole and Button
I haven’t sewen a button hole since the 8th grade (decades ago). I had to practice a few times and the button kept coming out of the button hole foot.
I also sewed on the button. It was almost too big. It was so wide it barely fit between the foot and the darning plate. And the holes were so wide I had to use the widest stitch.
Here’s a picture of the finished button and button hole.

Overcast foot. I hadn’t used this, and although it works fine, I don’t like the stitch it creates. It’s different then the regular foot. It is good if it’s something like this bag, no lining so the edges are finished off nicely. The lining for this bag is a grocery bag.
Here’s a picture of the strap where I used the overcast foot.

My other parts of the challenge:
I made 2 of these at the same time. I thought if one gets dirty, I could bring it in and actually have one.
Also, I had wanted to make these forever. So this is a project I can check off my mental list of things I want to make.

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