Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quick Pin Cushion

Made this before my wrist one (two posts back).

Two 6 inch squares.
Overcast edging, leaving an opening, stuff, and sew closed.

Scrap Fabric Dish Rag

Love this idea. I sewed stripes together and then to the dish rag.

I'd suggest cutting edges off the edges of the dish rag or use a larger one to cut of f. I tried to sew the outside edging together, but it was too thick.

Old towels would be perfect for this project. Upcycle.

Pattern tutorial here:

Pin Cushion Wrist Holder

Always wanted to make one . Today I was in the mood to make pin cushions and this one came about.

I used scrap material.
Cut a rectangle.
Used a decorative stitch for the boarder.
Stuffed with fiber fill.
Sewed up opening.
Trimmed with pinking shears.
Measured for elastic, also scrap from other projects. Shorter then needed.
Sewed on, using the 3 stitch straight stitch.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Gift Bag--Sewing

I decided to try a Christmas gift bag.

I'm putting my measurements here so I can find it again. I want to make more.

I cut the fabric, main and lining, 2 pieces each:
18 inches long.
14 inches wide.
Straps, 2:
18 inches long
6 inches wide.

These measurements can because that's how big of Christmas fabric I had.  It was almost the size of a paper gift bag I bought. Ended up a little bigger then the paper one, but I'm ok with that. So I'm not sure how much fabric.

I used white fabric for the lining, because I have some nice white fabric.

I didn't use any interweaving, the white fabric is fairly thick. But for thin fabric, I'd use interfacing unless I want a bag that folds up easily (like one to carry stuff to work in, then fold up to put in my purse).

I sewed the bag material, right sides together, sewing 3 sides, for the outside and lining of the bag.
I did corners on the bottom measuring up 2 inches. I just cut off the corners,I didn't want to deal with them. I wanted a quick bag.

The straps are just the main fabric, no interfacing. I folded in half lengthwise, ironed, unfolded, fooled each side to the center crease, ironed, folded in half again and ironed. Sewed a straight stitch on each side lengthwise. Sewed onto bag 4 inches from the edge.

Placing the bag together with the straps, I folded down the top and sewed around.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Family Gratitude Journal

A simple notebook.
A nice pen.

Each family member writes what they're thankful for. Kids can draw something.

Do this each year.

Give family members items to make it memorable:
Add stickers to pages.
Decorate outside of journal.
Give photos to add to pages.
Print Thanksgiving clip art.
Color pens, pencils, crayons.

DYI Change Holder

Clean out a vitamin bottle.
Decorate with fabric or paper leaving a side open to watch the money grow.