Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Gift Bag--Sewing

I decided to try a Christmas gift bag.

I'm putting my measurements here so I can find it again. I want to make more.

I cut the fabric, main and lining, 2 pieces each:
18 inches long.
14 inches wide.
Straps, 2:
18 inches long
6 inches wide.

These measurements can because that's how big of Christmas fabric I had.  It was almost the size of a paper gift bag I bought. Ended up a little bigger then the paper one, but I'm ok with that. So I'm not sure how much fabric.

I used white fabric for the lining, because I have some nice white fabric.

I didn't use any interweaving, the white fabric is fairly thick. But for thin fabric, I'd use interfacing unless I want a bag that folds up easily (like one to carry stuff to work in, then fold up to put in my purse).

I sewed the bag material, right sides together, sewing 3 sides, for the outside and lining of the bag.
I did corners on the bottom measuring up 2 inches. I just cut off the corners,I didn't want to deal with them. I wanted a quick bag.

The straps are just the main fabric, no interfacing. I folded in half lengthwise, ironed, unfolded, fooled each side to the center crease, ironed, folded in half again and ironed. Sewed a straight stitch on each side lengthwise. Sewed onto bag 4 inches from the edge.

Placing the bag together with the straps, I folded down the top and sewed around.

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